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ZOOM Soldier of Fortune
Gold Edition
Sold Out (Win 95/98/Me) (Retail) (SOLDFORTPR)

Developed by Raven Software; Published by Activision


- Animated blood, gore and violence

Warning! Violent subject matter. Low-violence installation option included.


9/10 from Eurogamer


All New Features in the Gold Edition:

New Games: Control, Conquer the Bunker

All New Deathmatch Game!

18 New Maps

Exclusive Interview with John Mullins


Use any means necessary to find and secure four stolen nuclear warheads. Track and stop the terrorist organization responsible for the theft before they can carry out their threat to national security. Dispatch as many terrorists, skinheads and enemy soldiers as necessary to complete your mission. Failure means more than just going home in a bag, it could mean global thermonuclear holocaust. And worst of all, you won't get paid. Failure is not an option.


A story driven plotline unfolds through 10 covert missions that take you through the political hot spots of five continents, during 26 levels of "Action Movie" gameplay. Your arsenal includes a variety of ultra-realistic real-world weapons to help you succeed in your missions. Your enemies are numerous and determined, and a good mercenary knows that wits and intelligence are just as important as guns and ammo. You'll use them all to stay on the trail of the highjacked nukes.

The revolutionary GHOUL rendering system works with an accelerated Quake 2 engine to give you faster game play with incredible detail.

See breathtaking rendered locations on five different continents. Meet interesting exotic people from all over the globe, and dispatch them.

Unprecedented artificial intelligence gives pinpoint weapons accuracy. Enemies react differently according to 26 different hit locations on each model's body.

The military is ruled by government laws, regulations and standards of conduct. When a mission is too messy to fall within these codes, they call you.

Welcome to the Secret World of the Mercenary

Based on the popular magazine of the same name, Soldier of Fortune delivers the most realistic, covert-operative themed shooter ever created. Soldier of Fortune is the all-new, explosive first-person shooter created by Raven Software. Like a blockbuster action-thriller, Soldier of Fortune plunges players into the secret and deadly world of the modern-day gun-for-hire via dozens of real-to-life missions spanning five continents and innovative multiplayer modes.


3-D Hardware Accelerated with full OpenGL support.

Pentium 233 MHz processor, 64MB RAM, U.S. version Microsoft Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0-SP5 operating system, 100% Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0-SP5 compatible computer system (including compatible 32 bit drivers for CD-ROM, video card, sound card, and input device), 700MB of uncompressed hard disk space plus an additional 100MB for Windows swap file, quad speed CD-ROM drive, DirectX 7.0 for Windows 95/98, 100% Windows 95/98/NT compatible sound card and driver, 100% Windows 95/98/NT compatible mouse and driver, Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP or IPX ) play supported, 28.8 Kbps or faster modem with Internet Service Provider for Internet play.


Eurogamer by Kieth "DNM" Ellis

"It's not tremendously original, and it's certainly not the best looking first person shooter on the market now, but there is still a mountain of fun to be had with Soldier of Fortune.

"There were times where due to lack of health, I was forced into playing more stealthily, and these moments also happened to be the most enjoyable. Heart pumping, sneaking round an office building, knowing that the next move could be my last. Awesome!

"Due mainly to the pretty poor AI though, I found the game to be pretty easy to beat, even on the harder settings. That's where multiplayer mode comes in, with straight deathmatch, capture the flag, assassin, arsenal and team deathmatch modes all included 'out of the box.' Once tweaked, SoF plays just as well online as Quake 2 does, and it's one hell of a ride.

"Soldier of Fortune is a welcome return to the story driven single player first person shooter. Just don't take it too seriously eh?"

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