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ZOOM SODA Off-Road Racing
$22.95 (Win95) (Retail) (SODAOFFPR)



Tune Your Trucks, design Tracks, and Catch Some Air!

Here's mud in your eye! At last, an off-road racing game modeled on real physics. When your massive 4-wheeler goes blazing through a muddy pit, you'll feel it. When your lightweight buggy flies off a jump, you'll hold your breath. When the truck next to you decides to trade paint, you'll feel the friction. This is off-road racing as real as it gets.

Close-Quartered, Fender to Fender, High-Jumping, Mud-Splattered comptetition!

SODA Off-Road Racing is the real deal. Nowhere else will you get a genuine physics-based game engine in an off-road racing simulation. Feel your gears grind as you push your truck to the limit. Design your own challenging tracks or race for the Championship. Any way you play, you'll be blown away by the realism and thrill found in SODA Off-Road Racing.

3 Off-Road Vehicles to Master

The two wheel drive truck requires a gentle touch and finesse is required to stay on course. A key to mastring the 2 wheel drive truck is learning how to break the backend loose around corners.

The four-wheel drive truck offers the best all-around traction and the fastest acceleration. In this vehicle, pure power can compensate for less-than-perfect driving.

The lightweight, 150-horsepower buggy is a true drivers' vehicle. Unlike the bigger racers on the SODA circuit, you can't make up for mistakes with sheer power. Maneuvering is key as you struggle to maintain your momentum through the turns.

Design Your Own Challenging Courses with our Exclusive Track Designer

Design the terrain quickly and easily. Click to create steep hills and insane jumps.

Lay out the course any way you want: high jumps, hairpin turns and steep slopes.

Add road surfaces, jumps, water hazards, checkpoints, billboards and more.

Computer-controlled opponents learn how to race on your tracks.


Design your own tracks

3 off-road vehicles to master

Real-world physics

Multiplayer via modem and network

3 different racing environments

Supports force-feedback controllers

Officially licensed by the Short-Course Off-Road Drivers Association

Requirements: Win 95, Pentium 90 (P133 recommended), 16MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive (MPC 2 compliant), 320x200 w/ reduced graphics detail, SVGA 256 colors, 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card, analog joystick or steering wheel recommended.

Supported: Win 95 compatible sound card, 100% Hayes compatible 9600 baud+ modem, high-speed (16550 UART) serial card.

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