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ZOOM FIFA Soccer 97
Sold Out
(DOS/Win95) (Retail) (SOCCER97PR)

EA Sports



9 out of 10 from boot

The World's Most Popular Soccer Game

You pulled them through 4 exhibitions, 38 league matches and 5 cup games. Tonight, 76,000 chanting soccer disciples have gathered to watch you carry their team to the promised land. You have their faith. Now prove you deserve it.


22 fully rendered players using 3-D and Motion Blending technology

Modem support & network play

Motion capture using professional soccer players

The most realistic and detailed players

More moves and more animation than ever before

Full play-by-play with 3 international commentators

Team styles - teams play like their real life counterparts

Accurate targeting and clear breakaways

Indoor and outdoor modes

Player transfers

Pro, Semi-Pro, and Beginner skill levels

Simulation, Action, and Arcade modes

1-4 players with the Gravis GrIP

12 International leagues, 255 teams and over 4,200 players

Requirements: MSDOS 5.0 or higher, Pentium 75 MHz, 3MB hard drive space, 8MB RAM, 256 color, 512 KB PCI/VLB SVGA video card (VESA compatible), 2x (MPC2 compliant) CD-ROM drive, Microsoft compatible mouse, 16-bit Sound Blaster or 100% compatible.

Requirements: Windows 95, Pentium 75 MHz, 15 MB hard drive space, 16 MB RAM, 1MB PCI/VLB SVGA video card with support for Microsoft DirectX2.0, 2x (MPC2 compliant) CD-ROM drive, Microsoft compatible mouse, 16-bit Sound Blaster or 100% compatible.

Required for Multiplayer Option: Network - IPX compliant network. Modem - 100% Hayes compatible 14.4 kbps or faster modem with high speed (16550 UART) serial port. Direct Link - null modem adapter.


boot, January 1997

"Soccer's the most popular sport on the planet. Hell, even America's starting to sit up and notice that goofy checkered ball; and FIFA '97 is the best computer version of the game to date. Somehow, EA manages to improve the sterling gameplay with each successive version.

"The graphics haven't been radically upgraded: players are small, but nicely shaped and easy to recognize. They look positively real when running, kicking, and bouncing the ball off their little heads, thanks to incredibly smooth animation..."

"...Good sound effects add to the game's immersive feel, as does the realistic weather - ranging from dry as a bone to extremely wet. Skill levels start at Beginner and advance through Semi-Pro to Pro."

"The auto-boot disc is full of demos and video clips to watch before getting down to the serious business of scoring, and while enabling the speech option eats up massive acres of hard drive space - it's surely worth it to hear the announcer call the play-by-play. (And with a decidely British accent too.)"

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