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ZOOM Silver
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (SILVERPR)

Publisher: Infogrames



85% from Gamer's Alliance

- The Vault Network 1999 Awards

The Time of Evil Is Almost Over...

Fight as David - a hero on the Right Side of Vengeance caught up in the epic conflict of light versus dark and steel versus SILVER...

This gripping story of David's fight to rescue his kidnapped love is relived through beautiful 3D action and fast thinking gameplay.

Over two hundred locations, fifty interactive characters and six player characters make this the experience of the decade where magic is a way of life and enchantment is a part of the adventure.

The Adventure of Silver

Hundreds of awe-inspiring locations to explore

Featuring dozens of characters with full voiceovers to help or hinder you on your quest

Master the arts of magic and swordplay

Realtime gameplay with combat, magic, speech and action

Spectacular effects: magic, special moves, metamorphosis, demons, dragons and the dreaded IMPS!

Unique and simple mouse control system - the mouse becomes your sword arm


I am the Chronicler, my duty, to record deeds both good and evil, in this world and others. Before this tale begins I will set the scene, for this is the way of all good storytellers.

The world of Jarrah is best envisaged as a 'wheel' with tranquil Haven as its hub, the other isles radiating around it, some linked by grand bridges. Indeed, to many of its inhabitants Jarrah is know as 'The Wheel of Life'. In this great land, darkness holds sway in the form of an evil sorcerer named Silver. From his palace on the blood-isle of Metalon he rules with an unmatched zeal for ruthlessness and depravity over the Eight Islands. His lust for power, not content with a whole world to toy with, drives him to the most terrible of demonic pacts.

To Silver's right hand stands his murderous son, Fuge. It is through this fearsome warrior that Silver's will is carried out. The people of the isles fear the mere mention of his name.

To his left stands Glass, his witch-daughter. Her terrible spells have twisted her realm into the icy domain of Winter.

Far from Silver's court, beyond the great library of Gno, stands the expansive forest of Verdante. It is a peaceful place, largely untouched by its evil ruler. Here lives a young man, David, with his wife Jennifer. Since childhood David was put in the care of his grandfather, a battle scarred veteran both wise and honorable. The old man shows great patience with David's youthful attitude toward sword practice, but since the death of his own son, David's father, he has known that the time will come when David must fight for all he holds dear...


Pentium 166 (P233 recommended), 32MB RAM, 8 speed CD-ROM (16 speed recommended), Direct X compatible soundcard, Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/XP, 2 MB VESA graphics card (4MB recommended), mouse.

Note: Some slower CD-ROM drives may cause frame jitter during the animated intro movie. However this will not affect performance in the rest of the game.

Gamer's Alliance by Matthew Sherman

" This is the whole reason to play Silver. It is so much FUN! I stayed up too many hours playing through this game. Through the bad acting and the exquisite backgrounds, the great music and the lame character models, the game was always fun. It is a lot like the classic Zelda for the PC. You go around, kill lots of enemies, get potions, great weapons, some magic, and then beat up the last boss.

" This alone makes the game a worthwhile buy. The hack-and-slash formula works out great. All you have to do is point click, kill. There are also even little bits of amusement like exploding bodies and a quick bar fight. These may be few and far between, but they do remind you that the game does have some good and enjoyable perks. "

The Vault Network 1999 Awards - Under-Appreciated Game of the Year

Silver is a title that we felt deserved more attention in 1999. Released in Europe quite early in the year and in North America last fall, this adventure with RPG elements seemed to suffer because it didn't fit many observers' pre-conceptions of what it should be. However, most gamers who played it without imposing such expectations seemed to find it quite enjoyable.

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