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ZOOM Silent Hunter Commander's Edition
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (SHCOMMEDPR)

Included in: Ultimate Wargame Collection Volume II: WWII

Strategic Simulations Inc. / Mindscape

Game / War Strategy

ESRB Rating: Kids to Adult - Animated Violence

The Ultimate Silent Hunter Experience!

Command a WWII US submarine in the Pacific - and sink as much enemy tonnage as possible! Choose from a variety of American submarines - and let the hunt begin! Play historical missions, hypothetical encounters or a career based campaign game. Authentic WWII film footage, cinematics and narration provide a historically accurate feel for submarine combat.

This Special Edition is Loaded with Extras!!!

With its 9 Patrol Zones and 15 historical scenarios, SILENT HUNTER is the ultimate submarine combat simulator. Now imagine the award winning sub sim PLUS a powerful add-on scenario editor. Forty-five extra historical scenarios. Six new Patrol Zones (some of which are available here for the first time). And an exclusive article on submarine warfare by William `Bud' Gruner, who commanded the USS Skate in WWII. Imagine no longer. Silent Hunter Commander's Edition includes all of this - in one box!

Simulation Features:

Authentic WWII American sub classes include Gato, Balao, Tambour and Salmon.
Features detailed re-creations of over 40 merchant and capital ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
Highly accurate coastline models for 15 patrol zones - from the Solomons to the Sea of Japan. Coastal cities, ports and harbors have been reconstructed from period maps.
Weapons have been accurately modeled, and the Torpedo Data Computer (TDC) is the most accurate representation to date.

Here's What You Get in this Special Commander's Pack:

Silent Hunter: This award winning submarine combat sim is the best of its kind!

Patrol Disk 1 & Patrol Disk 2: Scenario editor, 30 additional historical scenarios and 4 patrol zones - Malaysia, Sulu Sea, Hong Kong and Vietnam!

All New Patrol Disk 3: 15 separate scenarios and 2 patrol zones - Aleutian Islands and Java Sea.

An Exclusive Article by a Decorated WWII Submarine Commander: Technical Advisor William `Bud' Gruner (USS Skate) was awarded the Navy Cross and Silver Star. As Technical Advisor to Silent Hunter, Commander Gruner has provided narration of technical and tactical matters as well as personal anecdotes of his cast WWII experience - which includes the sinking of the Japanese cruiser Agano and several merchant ships. Commander Gruner's article detailing US submarine warfare and Japanese anti-sub tactics is exclusive to the Silent Hunter Commander's Edition.


DOS: 486/66 DX2 (Pentium recommended), 16 MB RAM, 1 MB SVGA card, VESA driver, DOS v5.0 or higher, 2x CD-ROM drive, Sound Blaster family and 100% compatibles.

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