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ZOOM Silent Hunter
$9.95 (DOS/Win95/Win98) (Just the CD) (SILENTHPO)
$9.95 (DOS/Win95/Win98) (Ziplock with manual) (SILENTHPR)

Silent Hunter is also included with Panzer Commander

Strategic Simulations Inc.



A from PC Games

4 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today

91% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice

The Ultimate Underwater Experience

As commander of a U.S. submarine in the Pacific, your task is simple - sink as much enemy tonnage as possible. A feature-packed World War II submarine simulator, Silent Hunter is without equal. Choose from a variety of American submarines - and let the hunt begin! Prowl the shipping lanes. Steal into enemy harbors, Authentic WWII film footage, cinematics and narration provide a historically accurate feel for submarine combat.

Play historical missions, hypothetical encounters or a career based campaign game. And prepare to be blown out of the water by magnificent SVGA graphics, an original sound track and action so real you'll want a life jacket!

Simulation Features:

Sophisticated digitization techniques re-create over 40 merchant and capital ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Highly accurate coastline models for 9 patrol zones - from the Solomons to the Sea of Japan. Coastal cities, parts and harbors have been reconstructed from period maps.

Performance characteristics of Mark 10, 14 and 18 torpedoes have been accurately modeled. Launch them using the most accurate representation of the Torpedo Data Computer (TDC) to date.

Compare your tonnage and kill scores to those of actual commanders of the period - can you compete with the best of the best?

Distinguished Technical Advisor

As commander of the USS Skate during WWII, William 'Bud' Gruner was responsible for sinking thousands of tons of enemy vessels, including the Japanese light cruiser Agano. For these exploits Commander Gruner was awarded the coveted Navy Cross and the Silver Star. His submarine, USS Skate, received the Navy Unit Commendation.

As technical advisor to Silent Hunter, Commander Gruner's vast wartime experience provides a wealth of historical data that is impossible to obtain from books. This first-person perspective of submarine combat adds a level of realism that would otherwise have been impossible to re-create.

In addition to advising the designers, Mr. Gruner provides narration of technical and tactical matters as well as multimedia presentations of fascinating real-life anecdotes.


486/66 DX2 (Pentium recommended), 8 MB RAM, 1 MB SVGA card, VESA driver, DOS ver. 5.0 or higher, Double speed CD-ROM drive, Uncompressed hard drive recommended, Sound Blaster Family and 100% compatibles.

Patch files are available to upgrade any version of this product to the final 1.31 version. The two files that are required are and and are applied in that order.

Silent Hunter will run in a DOS window unders Windows 95 or 98 and is actually intended to be run that way but you have to be able to deal with some DOS commands in order to install and run this game. Thus it requires either Windows 95 or 98 plus a knowledge of DOS.


PC Gamer, June 1996

"With careful attention to detail, super graphics, and a complex, yet easily understood, set of controls, Silent Hunter is a blast to play whether you're a hard-core sub buff, or just an action gaming fan looking for something out of the norm."

"Silent Hunter puts you in the role of an American submariner in the Pacific theater, from December of 1941 to the end of the war in 1945. A wide range of boat types are available, from the primitive S-Class with five torpedo tubes, 12 torpedoes, and a poky surface speed of 14 knots, to the ubiquitous Gato family (10 tubes, 24 torpedoes, 20 knots). You captain these boats in a variety of missions, including customized warship, convoy, and patrol missions, or over an entire career. A large selection of historical missions puts you in some of the most famous submarine encounters of the war."

"A map system similar to that in Great Naval Battles makes setting waypoints for long hauls or setting up attacks a breeze. You can zoom from the widest angle, where vessels appear as dots, down to a tight view that displays small representations of individual ships. The name of the game is tonnage, and it's your duty to send as many ships flying the Rising Sun to the bottom as possible. Freighters, troop carriers, destroyers, battleships, and even aircraft carriers are your targets, and they fight back with a vengeance."

"SSI has rounded out this package with a superb documentary section featuring video, narration, and a sub tour from consultant and American sub ace William Gruner. Gruner is the backbone of this title, lending accuracy and authenticity to the whole package. His comments are the highlight of the game's manual, and make for great reading."

"SSI, Aeon, and completely entertaining simulation, with enough difficulty and realism settings to attract everyone from novices to the hard-core crowd. Silent Hunter brings to life one of the most exciting and dangerous aspects of the war, and although a chance to play as the Japanese would have been nice, this is still the best submarine game in town."

PC Games, June 1996

"If you're used to thinking of naval simulations as a series of technical readouts, Silent Hunter's gorgeously detailed graphics will come as a pleasant surprise. The rotating view from the conn is replete with finely chiseled waves and wavecaps, discernible currents, ship wakes, and dense skies and clouds. Enemy ships retain sharp detail even when viewed at the highest magnifications of your periscope or binoculars, right down to the Japanese flags whipping in the wind."

"SSI seems to have put real care into making Silent Hunter easy-to-use and historically accurate. The target-acquisition and attack procedures are covered in a few well-conceived screens; you'll do most of your work from the periscope view."

"The finishing touch on this versatile simulation is a fast, simple scenario editor that grants you control over every fact, simple scenario editor that grants you control over every facet of an engagement. Type, number, experience, and battle quality of the enemy; weather, time of day, date in the war, and water conditions. The exhaustive options are further augmented by the realism and difficulty settings."

"Silent Hunter is about as much fun as you can have under water. It captures the visceral intensity of submarine warfare - the silent running, the midnight sneak attacks, the desperate crash dives to outrun descending depth charges... All the claustrophobic anxiety of pursuit and the exhilarating elation of the kill. Happy hunting."

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