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ZOOM PC Gamer Editors' Choice Collection
Sold Out (Win 95/DOS) (Retail) (SIERRAEDPR)


Game / Compilation

Games Rated from KA to T by ESRB

An Award Winning Sierra Collection!

PC Gamer, the world's best-selling PC & CD-ROM games magazine, honors the finest games they see with their Editors' Choice Award. This award signifies a game that is considered extraordinary in both content and design and is superior in its genre.

The PC Gamer Editors' Choice Collection offers five of Sierra's Editors' Choice award-winning games. These games represent Sierra's most significant contributions to PC gaming in racing, adventure, strategy, sports, and trivia.

Front Page Sports: Golf - The Coeur D'Alene Course

TrueSwing is the thing that sets Front Page Sports: Golf apart from the competition.

  • Interactive TrueSwing allows direct control over golf club
  • On-screen golfer is fully 3-D and mimics your every move as you swing
  • 12 types of play, including skins, four-ball, scramble, and Ryder Cup
  • Industry leading Internet multi-player support

.. The TrueSwing forces you to watch your swing the whole time, which is a more intuitive and realistic way to play golf. Sierra has dared to create a gold game that changes the rules. The revolutionary hitting style of FPS: Golf coupled with the beautiful 3D rendered graphics and the fun, yet tough courses, make this game one of the hottest sims on the market .. - Dean H Renninger

You Don't Know Jack

Trivia with attitude wins You Don't Know Jack 1996 Special Achievement in Innovation Award.

  • Includes over 800 questions with 20 hours of non-repetitive verbal abuse
  • 1, 2, or 3 players duke it out on one keyboard
  • Game play so fast you'll get blisters

.. one of the most pleasant surprises of this year was the advent of the You Don't Know Jack phenomenon. Clever trivia questions, clean, thoughtful design, hilarious categories. Trivia buffs will really dig it and will find themselves coming back to it again and again. .. - Lisa M. Howie

Cart Racing (formerly Indy Car Racing II)

Top notch sim - Cart Racing is a "Must Have' for racers.

  • Realistic racing action on 15 different tracks
  • Learn racing strategies that actual CART drivers use
  • Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

.. The graphics are gorgeous, the realism is right on target, the frame rate is faster, the manual is excellent and the modem play works beautifully. This is another top-notch sim.. and a definite must-have for any race fan. .. - Lee Buchanon


Arthur C. Clarke's Rama is a true interactive epic.

  • Designed by Gentry Lee, in collaboration with Arthur C. Clarke
  • Richly detailed storyline of intrigue, wonder and beauty captivate all who come in contact with it
  • Innovative 3D environment is unsurpassed in its intricacy and beauty

.. Rama is worth every minute... Like the real adventure would, it stretches your mind, even as it richly rewards your senses. This is one of the best sci-fi games ever to appear in the PC format, period... be prepared for the workout of your life .. - William R Trotter

Caesar II

Addictive, beautiful Caesar II is a great strategic challenge.

  • Build magnificent cities in authentic architectural detail
  • Optional novice mode for new gamers and extended gameplay and depth for those who choose
  • Complete on-line tutorial and multimedia history of the Roman Empire

.. Caesar II has a rich, enveloping texture; all the major elements of gameplay and strategy are beautifully balanced, and the more time you spend with it, the more addictive it becomes. The cities are exquisite: soaring temples, marbles plazas, gleaming public baths.. When you have successfully built such a city, you've not only mastered a strategic challenge, you've created something beautiful.. - William R Trotter


Required for all 5 Products: SVGA 640 x 480 x 256 colors, soundcard w/DAC, mouse

FPS: Golf: Pentium 60, 16MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM Drives, Win95 16 bit high color resolution.

You Don't Know Jack: 486/33, 8 MB RAM, 15 MB free hard drive space, 2x CD-ROM drive, sound card.

CART Racing: DOS: 486/33 MHz, 8MB RAM, 15 MB Hard Drive.
WIN95: Pentium +, 16 MB RAM, 2x CDROM. Supports joysticks, driving wheel, pedal.

Rama: Pentium 75, 12MB RAM, 3x CD-ROM drive, Local bus or PCI Video.

Caesar II: 486/25, 8MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM.

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