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ZOOM Sierra Collection
(with After Dark Games)
Sold Out (Win95/98Me/XP) (Paper Sleeve) (SIERRA3PO)

Publisher: Sierra

Great Collection!!!!

Enjoy these great games from Sierra all on one disc. Included are 3D Ultra Pinball, After Dark Games, and Hoyle Classic Games (original version).

3D Ultra Pinball: Snap back the plunger, then let it rip! Send that sorry sphere packing to three out-of-this world playfields: a cavernous space mine, a gritty command post and The Colony, the mother of all manic-action pinball tables! Bank the right sequence of shots and you'll be able to warp between tables, taking the pinballs you have in play along for the ride. Feel the friction of the flippers as you play 3-D ramps and bumpers so huge, so intense, they'll pull pinball kicking and screaming to a higher level. Play outside the limits!

After Dark Games: Hold on to your mouse - your favorite After Dark characters are back for more fun in After Dark Games. Give your whole family hours of head-scratchin' finger-twitchin' fun. Whether you're into full-tilt arcade action, mesmerizing mazes, or mind-bending trivia, you'll love After Dark's collection of outrageous games. Starring the craziest cast of characters to ever crawl off your computer screen, these games are easy to start but impossible to stop.

  • After Dark Solitaire
    Play Solitaire with an After Dark twist and try your luck in the Vegas variation.
  • Bad Dog 911
    Bone up on your word skills in Bad Dog 911
  • Fish Stick
    Go fishing for words before they swim away in front of your eyes.
  • Foggy Boxes
    Draw the most boxes, before the computer gets the upper hand.
  • Hula Girl
    Help Hula Girl evade her evil twin to keep her coveted hula hoops.
  • Mowin' Maniac
    Go crazy with Mowin' Man and turn some pesky gardeners into fertilizer.
  • Mooshu Tiles
    Test your tile-matching skills with the whole After Dark gang in this all-time favorite puzzle game.
  • Rodger Dodger
    Dodge your enemies and make it to the next level in this fast-paced arcade game.
  • Roof Rats
    Rescue Grandma and friends in this fun-filled, addictive puzzle game.
  • Toaster Run
    Don't get burnt in the high-flying arcade action of Toaster Run.
  • Zapper
    Get the highest score possible before the clock runs out.

Hoyle Classic Games (Original Version): Backgammon, Bridge, Checkers, Cribbage, Crazy Eights, Gin, Hearts, Old Maid, Poker and Solitaire.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: 486DX 66MHz processor of faster, 16MB RAM, 35MB free HD space, CD-ROM drive, 640x480x256 colors display, Sound Blaster 16 or compatible 16bit multimedia sound card.

Tested OK on Windows XP.

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