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ZOOM Shivers Two:
Harvest of Souls
Sold Out (Win95/Win3.1) (Retail) (SHIVERS2PR)

Sierra On-Line


Ages: 13 to adult

Unmask the Evil of an Ancient Curse

...and another corpse.

I'm convinced that someone or something is after me. I'll see a movement in the shadows, or feel a breath on my neck. But then it's gone. Whatever it is, it's lurking near - waiting for me.

I've uncovered another piece to this puzzle. But am reluctant to write it here. Since you're reading this, you've ignored my warnings to leave - but I beg you - get out of Cyclone now! Must go - someone's com............

Look fear in the eye.
Visions 360's panoramic views aid your search by smoothly scanning in all directions.

Choose your path wisely.
Surprisingly different endings - and puzzles that change for each game - deliver the ultimate in replayability.

Don't go alone.
Chat on the Internet with other players during your game. Redesign puzzles and share them with others on-line.

Listen with care.
Original soundtrack music, rock videos, and directionally specific sound-effects are all integral to the mystery - and its solution.


486DX/2 66 (Pentium preferred), 12 MB RAM (16MB preferred), mouse, SVGA 640x480@256 colors, 2x CD-ROM (4x preferred), 100% SoundBlaster compatible soundcard w/DAC. Internet: 14400 BPX modem, 32 bit Internet service provider required for Internet options.


Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"Harvest of Souls is a bundle of fun, it's especially suitable for players who love puzzling. I was waiting for it impatiently and the wait was well worth it. It even provides options for you to connect to the Internet and play along with your friends, as well as to redesign some of the puzzles. The game area is almost full screen and it has smooth scrolling and text throughout. There is also good news for those of us who really enjoy 'suffering' and like things to be as difficult as possible. You can switch off the 'smart cursor' so that significant objects in the game world are not conveniently flagged. Full marks to the designers for including this feature, although the interface lacks action icons to enable you to either 'look' at things or manipulate them.

"Really, it's great. It has my approval. And I haven't made one serious complaint … I'll have to remedy that forthwith. Sadly, I do have to say that there is something to report in this respect, a triple whammy that appears late in the game. Not only is there a timed puzzle, but it appears immediately after a disk swap and a cut sequence that can't be skipped … and there is no option for saving. Miss out on this puzzle and you won't get the happy ending. To try again means two disk changes and watching the cut scene once more, so if it takes a few tries it will test your patience."

Computer Shopper, September 1997

"True horror, as any film buff can tell you, is more psychological than visceral. Grossing people out is easy - giving them a genuine case of the creeps takes real skill. That's precisely what makes Shivers Two: Harves of Souls such a rare treat. This bone-chilling graphic adventure tingles the senses and challenges the mind.

"The setting is Cyclone, Ariz., proudly known as the 'most desolate town in the world.' Your mission is to uncover the whereabouts of your friends, members of an alternative rock band, who disappeared while shooting a music video in Cyclone. Clues abound, though they're often hidden among the town's deserted buildings or closely guarded by the oddball residents."

"Boasting three completely different endings, Shivers Two has tremendous replay value. The 3-D environment could have afforded a bit more leg room, but the overall game play is intelligent, extremely challenging, and truly creepy."


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