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ZOOM Sherlock Holmes
Secret Of The Silver Earring
Sold Out (Win98/Me/XP/2000) (Retail Box) (SHERLSSEPR)

Publisher: UbiSoft

Game / Mystery

Mild Violence / Use of Alcohol


B from Just Adventure

from Quandary


London 1895: A wealthy construction tycoon lies dead in his mansion. Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as they interview suspects, investigate the crime scene, and uncover family secrets that might point to the murderer. Play one of the most intriguing and captivating plots ever created for the Sherlock Holmes character. Clues will take players to Brazil, India, and to more than 40 19th-century London locations. Developed by Frogwares Studio, Secret of the Silver Earring allows players to experience a new murder-mystery adventure featuring the investigative skills of world's most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.


Play as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

40 different 19th-century London locations.

5 levels and a wealth of in-game movies.

Over 30 investigating hours of play.

40 witnesses and 3 hours of recorded dialogue.

A suspense-filled storyline with many plot twists and turns.


Win 98/Me/XP/2000: Processor: Pentium® III 600 MHz, AMD Athlon™ (Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon or higher recommended) RAM: 256 MB Video Card: 32 MB DirectX® 8.1 or higher compliant (64 MB 3D-accelerated video card recommended) (see supported list*) Sound Card: DirectX 8.1 compliant Direct X: DirectX 8.1 or higher (included on disc) CD-ROM Drive: 8x CD-ROM (24x recommended) Hard Drive Space: 1500 MB free

*Supported Video Cards at the Time of Release NVIDIA GeForce™ 2/3/4/FX families ATI® Radeon™ 8500/9000 families


Just Adventure by Red Egnes

"Full of charm and period detail, quaint scripts and vintage plotting, for this reviewer it was a pleasure to wander through the streets and suburbs of London alongside the eminent Sherlock Holmes and his upstanding colleague, Watson. Each backdrop is wonderfully presented in glorious textures, the character models are very well made and acted and the general presentation absolutely impeccable. Also, the crisp graphics and high resolution really help when searching for clues and objects - something you'll be doing a lot of in this game."

"It's just so frustrating that the developers failed on some really basic hurdles. It's so annoying when a game is so near being great and falls short because of a lack of attention in a few areas. In all honesty, I hope that Frogwares produces another Sherlock game which has better continuity, drops the absurd action sequences, ups the quality of the voice acting (except Watson, who's brilliant) and pays more respect to the high quality that they've set themselves in terms of presentation. If they can do that, they'll have an absolute blinder on their hands."

A Quandary Review by Gordon Alpin

"The Case of the Silver Earring is a visually stunning game, the graphics are gorgeous with lavish and vibrant Victorian locations. The character modelling is equally impressive with the exception of lip synching and the glaring omission of face masks in the scene where Holmes and Watson are meant to be wearing them. The voice acting is generally very good and adds to the characterisations, and I was pleased to note that Holmes pronounced 'lieutenant' correctly, even if no one else did."

"After a spectacular start at the murder scene the story really begins to develop as the investigation proceeds and new locations appear. And the story itself is intriguing and, on the whole, very well told with just a couple of stumbles due to the complexity. On one occasion Holmes was privy to information that I didn't have as he set out to investigate a subsequent murder. I replayed the scene a few times but didn't find the clue. Maybe I missed it but I thought that this particular transition needed a stronger statement to maintain the continuity. On another occasion Watson had access to information that wasn't in his possession, but overall the story knitted together well.

"And the game is very much story-driven as you might expect in a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Despite my criticisms this is a case where Sherlock Holmes fans should have a lot of fun raking through the evidence and drawing conclusions. I did, and I'm hoping that Frogwares have another case waiting in the wings to challenge us."

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