Shadows of Cairn

Shadows of Cairn - Masque - Retail - DOS/Win - $18.95

Masque Publishing


Ages: Voluntarily rated MP-13

A thief who has been caught hearing something he shouldn't have, you need to escape prison and exact revenge on your tormentors in this action adventure game.

You control Quinn from a side-on persepctive as he jumps, kicks, and punches his way through several levels of guards and ruffians.

Requirements: Windows & DOS, CD-ROM (double speed recommended), 386 processor (486 recommended), 4 Mb RAM, Can run entirely from CD, Windows 3.1 and/or DOS 5.0.


MultiMedia Merchandising, March 1995

"As hero Quinn, the player must foil the plot to off the Duke of Cairn. Quinn is faced with two dilemmas - he's too honest to do his job (stealing) and he's the scapegoat if the murder plot succeeds. Game provides 12 settings, including city streets, a dungeon, a sewer and a wizard's tower; six opponent types, including Sewer Thugs and Gargoyles; 14 types of traps, plus secret passages and teleporters; three difficulty levels; and so on."

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