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ZOOM SSN-21 Seawolf
Sold Out (DOS) (Small Retail) (SEAWOLFPR)

Publisher: Electronic Arts


Torpedoes Bearing One-Five-Zero!

You know somewhere out there, lurking in the blackest depths, a Russian Hunter/Killer lies waiting. SONAR reports detecting the mechanical whine of slowly spinning propellers. The contact grows louder with every heartbeat. You rig for combat and flood tubes. Suddenly a spread of homing torpedoes in your wake.

The SSN-21 Seawolf is the most sophisticated nuclear attack submarine in existence. Discover the excitement of modern underwater warfare in this thrilling sequel to the award-winning 688 Attack Sub.

16 Bit True Digital Stereo Sound:
Over 150 different digitized sound effects including: explosions, whales, lightning, torpedoes, flooding and a full musical score written by the FATMAN, George Sanger.

Hyper-Realistic Simulation:
Digitized graphics capture the look and feel of modern naval warfare. Every ship, sub, and helicopter is modeled with its own sonar signature and weapons.

Real Submarine Tactics:
Hide under thermal layers, clear baffles, launch seven types of missiles and torpedoes. Refer to the on-line logbook for real time technical data.

Complete Command:
Control the Seawolf through your bridge officers, who responds via video and digitized speech. Receive satellite news, updates, briefings, and instant replays in the radio room.


386/25 MHz or faster (486 DX recommended), MS DOS 5.0 or greater, CD-ROM drive, VGA graphics card, 3MB (6MB recommended) Expanded memory (EMS), 600,000 bytes conventional memory free, hard drive installation (3MB disk space for minimal installation), software disk cache recommended, Roland Sound Canvas and Sound Blaster Pro sound card.

Supported: 2-player via network (netbios compatible) or modem.

Note: Programs will not run off CD. Games must be installed to hard drive. Documentation is online (printer required to print on-line manuals). Manuals are also available from EA.

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