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ZOOM Western Front
Operation Sea Lion
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (SEALIONPR)

Requires West Front or West Front Elite Edition to play

Publisher: TalonSoft

Game / War

Scenario Add-On Disk

After expelling Allied armies from continental Europe during the Spring of 1940, Hitler set his sights on the ultimate prize - the invasion and capture of England! Plans were laid that called for German forces to storm the beaches with troops and seacraft of all shapes and sizes. The powerful Luftwaffe filled Britain's night skies in preparation for the invasion, but despite being outgunned and outnumbered, the Royal Air Force stunned the Reich by defeating the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain... and Germany's plans, code-named "Operation sea Lion", went unfulfilled.

Now YOU can find out what might have happened if the Luftwaffe won the Battle of Britain and Germany had launched the invasion with West Front: Operation Sea Lion!

West Front: Operation Sea Lion offers more exciting scenarios, linked campaigns, and gameplay options for TalonSoft's award-winning West Front game. West Front: Operation Sea Lion brings the Western Front of World War II to life.

Special Features:

More than 30 new scenarios spanning the length of World War II on the Western Front

3 new linked campaigns

Historical and hypothetical scenarios

Play either side - Allied or Axis

Command actual fighting units, including Germany's powerful SS Panzergrenadiers


TalonSoft's West Front or West Front Elite Edition are required to install or play TalonSoft's West Front: Operation Sea Lion

Windows 95 or 98: 100% PC compatible, Pentium 133 or higher, 4x CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), Microsoft compatible mouse, 16 bit high color SVGA graphics, Windows compatible sound card.

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