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ZOOM Science Fiction:
The Ultimate Collection
Sold Out (DOS/Win) (Retail) (SCIFICOLPR)

Starhill Productions / SegaSoft

Game / Collection

ESRB Rating: Teen (Ages 13+) - Animated violence, blood and gore.

6 Complete Games

The future is in your hands. You now have access to the most exhilarating collection of Science Fiction games ever assembled. This 6 game, interactive CD-ROM collection is the ultimate in value and fun.

You will have to call on all your senses and instincts to play these 6 exciting games. Hyper-realistic 3-D adventures full of mysteries and secrets will intrigue you. Gripping space flight simulations will put your nerves and reflexes to the test with interstellar dogfights and reconnaissance missions. Travel through time, altering the past and future with god-like omnipotence by devising complex strategies of conquest. Rely on your razor-sharp skills and do battle in gladiator-style arcade shooters.

This is the most comprehensive set of Science Fiction games ever put together in one package. If your mission is to find endless hours of Science Fiction gameplay where no game is ever the same, then be transported into the many mind-bending worlds of Science Fiction - the Ultimate Collection.

Star Crusader

Fly 13 of the sleekest, fully armed starships in the fiercest war the galaxy has ever known. Packed with over 100 combat, stealth, and reconnaissance missions in eye-popping 3-D, you must rely on your instincts and reflexes at every moment.

Millennia Altered Destinies

Move effortlessly through 10,000 years of strategic time travel, the master of space and time. The power is yours, but are you wise enough to wield it correctly? Four decimated civilizations and your life are on the line and only your decisions can change the course of history, and ultimately, the future.

Star Control

Mankind is on the verge of being wiped from the face of the intergalactic map. An evil alien empire is savagely invading our interstellar neighbors and humanity is next on the hit list. Join forces with the Alliance of Free Stars to defend your galaxy and freedom to live. Our fate is in your hands.

Star Control II

Twenty years after The Great War, your assignment is the exploration and liberation of alien species and planets. Venture through over 500 star systems to 3000 planets, meeting 18 different alien races. But be prepared for ship-to-ship battle with up to 28 ships where pilots can battle the computer or play head-to-head with a friend.

Spaceward Ho!

The Space Conquest game! You control a space faring race that must construct ships, explore and colonize planets, and eventually gain power and wealth. Encountering a brutal enemy in your travels, it's never the same game twice. Play head-to-head with a friend, against the computer, or over a network with up to 20 human and computer combatants.

Iron Helix

Immerse yourself in a fast paced, 3-D virtual reality adventure full of danger and intrigue. By controlling an advanced robot probe, your mission is to stop a renegade ship on an automated course of destruction. Your termination of the doomsday weapon is all that will prevent intergalactic war and the spread of a deadly virus.

Requirements for Star Crusader: IBM 386/486 and Pentium, mouse or joystick, Roland, ad Lib, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Master II, Pro Audio Spectrum, minimum 2MB extended memory, DOS 5.0 and hard disk, max of 550 core memory.

Requirements for Millennia: 386SX/33 (486/33 recommended), 8MB of installed RAM, 6MB free, 5MB of hard disk space, VGA card with 512k memory, DOS 5.0 or newer, MS compatible mouse, sound card (Sound Blaster, Media Vision, or Gravis Ultrasound required for speech), music card (general MIDI or FM synth).

Requirements for Star Control and Star Control II: IBM PC compatible 386+, VGA, Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, and 100% compatibles, Pas/Pas16, Roland MT-32 LAPC, requires 640K, joystick optional.

Requirements for Spaceward Ho!: Windows Super VGA, VGA, EGA, Hercules Mono, Windows 3.0 or greater, Lantastic, Windows for Workgroups, Netware v.1.0 or greater required for network play, mouse.

Requirements for Iron Helix: IBM 25MHx 80836 compatible or faster, Windows 3.11 or greater, 4MB RAM, Super VGA graphics (256 colors in 640x480 resolution or higher), hard drive required (16MB free), Sound Blaster compatible required.

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