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ZOOM Schizm
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (SCHIZMPR)
$14.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Jewel Case) (SCHIZMPJ)

Publisher: Dreamcatcher

Mild Language


A- from Just Adventure


You Are About To Embark on an Incredible Adventure.

Several exploration attempts of Argilus have failed to reveal the secrets behind it's mysterious abandoned condition.

Previous exploration teams had reported unusual findings, prior to them mysteriously going missing themselves. Their garbled messages speak of a world containing large habitable organic vessels aimlessly floating, and abandoned. These messages are the only legacy that remains of a missing race.

Now you must travel to the strange and exotic lands of Argilus, on a quest to uncover the secrets behind a strange phenomena. Here you will discover the mysteries and the secrets that, until now, have been lying dormant waiting to be revealed.

Embrace the challenge and allow your instincts and ingenuity to help you unlock the ultimate mystery.

Explore a Distant Land and Unlock an Incredible Secret:

Hauntingly beautiful cities, towns, industrial installations - all deserted. Doors unlocked. Meals unfinished. Amazing machinery still working. But no people ...

Incredible technology in perfectly operational order - left unmanned ...

Remnants of temples, not unlike our own, lie deserted and unworshipped ...

Product Features:

  • Stunningly beautiful 360 degree panoramic views.
  • Solve challenging puzzles throughout.
  • Freely explore many fascinating landscapes.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Pentium II 300 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 12x CD-ROM drive, DirectX compatible Video and Sound Cards.

Before starting play you should apply the patch available at:


Just Adventure by Cindy Kyser

"The game begins as Hannah Grant and Sam Maloney proceed on a mission to explore the planet Argilus to determine the fate of 100+ scientists who have gone incommunicado. While sweeping the surface, their ship malfunctions and they eject onto the planet's surface in separate pods. They maintain radio contact while attempting to find each other, but soon discover that they are separated by more than geography. A shift in the reality of Argilus allows them to be in the same physical space but in different dimensions. They explore the planet and are confronted with a variety of specters - some alien and some familiar - who provide them with history and clues. Their goal? Find each other and solve the mystery of the missing scientists."

"Be advised that this game is exceedingly hard. Not in the way that Armed & Delirious was ridiculously difficult (i.e., a mind-meld with the designer was needed to discern impossible leaps in logic), but because you have to pay a lot of attention. The world of Schizm is filled with clues - subtle relationships and juxtapositions that only the truly alert gamer with a propensity for note taking will be able to track. It is a world where every symbol, sound, and pattern should be recorded as a potential clue. For those who thrive on intellectual challenge, it is a welcome step back into the golden age of adventure gaming. For the average "get it over quick" player, the use of a walkthrough is suggested.."

"Both Avalon L.K. and Detalion are to be congratulated for producing one of the finest adventures of 2001. On a number of levels, the game is simply brilliant and belongs on the "must play" list for any serious adventurer. Let's hope that, in the future, the developers will subscribe to Cindy's Precepts of Puzzle Design and make their next attempt a solid "A+" title!"

Quandary Review by Steve Ramsey

"This is one hell of a game, literally and figuratively."

"I have not seen a game where the palette of colours is as large, or as vibrant and vivid, as it is here. Yet the colours look not only right, but real in the surreal settings in which they are used. A sky created from a loud fusion of orange and purple and pink, dotted with blazing white stars and smudged with cloud, would look wrong above most settings, but looks absolutely perfect draped over the metal(?) and gossamer world where Hannah sets down."

"I doubt I have ever encountered more difficult puzzles, and certainly never in the same game. Some of them are indeed hellish. Are they too difficult? Rosemary would say there is no such thing, and she is probably right, difficulty being a very personal thing. Let’s just say that of those I have encountered so far, some have been too difficult for me, at least without a nudge (or at times a shove). But they are of a kind that has made me want to keep trying. All have been logical, and as such, I am always certain that if I pick at them a bit more, or go away and come back later, or try something else, that I will find the key — or at least a piece that will advance the cause."

"...For fans of the big canvass multiple-path challenge (think Riven), or for anyone else looking for a distinctive immersive week, this is an exceptional game."

Mr. Bill's Adventure Games

"This game is the latest adventure from the creators of Reah, and the extraordinary talent involved in its production is immediately and consistently apparent. It is a class act in almost every respect! The story was written by the famous Terry Dowling and is a sci-fi mystery reminiscent of one of the all-time favorite Star Trek classics. Add to that the startlingly beautiful alien environment with its unique and extremely challenging puzzles, and you have the recipe for a totally immersive, almost mesmerizing experience ..... even for those of us who consider ourselves seasoned gamers."

"It requires a serious investment of both time and patience. Our best advice is to save just prior to doing a puzzle and then try things in different orders, making notes about what happened. Even then you may still need a walkthrough. We did, and our hats are off to those intrepid souls who wrote them. Even so you will still have to solve 2 puzzles all by yourself (the telescope puzzle and the bridge puzzle), because they change randomly and so a walkthrough doesn't help much.

"It is a real challenge and a great game, and our only criticisms are minor ones (better voice acting and a splashier ending). We were very impressed. It should absolutely delight anyone who enjoyed Riven or Obsidian. Highly recommended!"

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