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ZOOM Scarab
$18.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (SCARABPR)

Electronic Art


A Battle for Survival

There is a war raging in silence

Mechanical Gods are the foot soldiers for warring factions of beings beyond our solar system, beyond our comprehension. Here among the pyramids, sphinxes, marketplaces, and tombs they are visible only to animals without souls. alien beings pilot robots in this bizarre arena to determine the victor in an epic struggle.

The prize they seek: the very souls of the ancients.

Followers of Osiris have been driven to madness by an unquenchable thirst for power. Their sole objective is to control mindless slaves devoted to sacrifice and the building of magnificent monuments. Their enemy is reason and freedom, the powers of Ra. You must lead the forces of Ra against the wave of madness.

Face the challenge of freeing the cities and eliminating the threat of chaos.

Combines 1st person robot action with the strategy of squad-level combat

Experience 1st person action as you control three different customizable robots

Engage in fierce combat across seven full textured 3D arenas that include elevators, moving platforms, tunnels, traps and more

Progress through five weapons levels, for a total of over 40 different weapons systems, including mortars, lasers, mines and a variety of missile systems

With 140 missions, test a variety of strategies ranging from assauts and artillery strikes to abushes and defensive parameters

Full multiplayer supporting 6 players over LAN and 2 player over modem

Requirements: Windows 95, Pentium 90 MHz or faster CPU (Pentium 100 MHz or faster recommended), 32 MN minimum hard drive space free for installation, 16 MB RAM, quad speed CD-ROM drive, DirectX compatible video card w/1MB RAM or greater (2MB RAM or greater recommended), keyboard (joystick recommended), Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse, DirectX compatible sound card for sound effects and music recommended.

Optional: 2-6 player network support using IPX or TCP/IP network protocol (hi-performance systems recommended); 2-6 player Internet support using TCP/IP Internet protocal (hi-performance systems recommended), 14.4 modem or faster (28.8 or faster recommended) or direct link using null modem cable for 2 player modem play.

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