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ZOOM Savage Warriors
$4.95 (DOS) (In Manual) (SAVAGEWPO)



Suitable for all audiences


3 stars from Computer Gaming World

3 stars from Electronic Entertainment

The Legend

Since the dawning of time, the world has been ruled by natural Forces - energies that all beings are aware of, yet are unable to define. They are the sources of life and death, creation, and destruction. Most living things are governed by these Forces without knowing it, but a few learned to use them for their own ends.

The influence of the Forces is most obvious in times of conflict and war. The vital Forces compelling creatures to fight; the murderous frenzy driving the Berserkers, the desperate fury of the red-skinned Warriors, the courage of the Greek heroes, the suicidal determination of the Samurai - these are nothing more than an irresistible Force determining the survival of the fighters.

According to the legend, one particular Warrior knew how to take control of this power to make himself invincible. In his time, he ruled the world through war and destruction. When he reached the pinnacle of his glory, he wanted to move closer to the source of his power, becoming invincible to the world of men.

Consumed by an energy he could no longer control, and losing his face and his name, he decided to withdraw to a desert island. He became the Master. But distance was no hindrance to the ravages of this terrible confrontation - his body started to undergo a grotesque transformation. Nevertheless, he continued his insane quest.

After centuries of living the life of the damned, he wants to know who is able to dominate the Warrior Force. Alone on his island, he decides to gather the best fighters in history, taking them from their own time using magic powers. He arranges a tournament to the death to find out who is the champion, the True Warrior - the only person able to challenge his own omnipotence.

The Supreme Warrior is the ultimate that all opponents strive to achieve. To succeed, you must challenge and defeat each opponent in turn, using available moves and weapons. Only raw skill, savage single-minded tactics, and split-second decision making can get you through alive!

Select your own Warrior

Read the Great Book about the Warrior's life story and fighting techniques

Adjust the level of difficulty

One or two-player options

View in VGA, SVGA and 2D or 3D (select any one at any point in the game)

Requirements: 486 IBM PC compatible or higher, 8 MB RAM, MS DOS 5.0 or higher, SVGA graphics (640 x 480, 256-color) VESA-compatible driver, Supports SoundBlaster and compatibles, MT 32, AWE 32, ADLIB, and Gravis Ultra-Sound (GUS), 300 KB (minimum) or 28 MB (maximum) free Hard disk space, Double-speed CD-ROM drive (300 KB/sec transfer rate), PC joystick/joypad (optional), 580 K free conventional memory, 2.6 MB free EMS


Computer Gaming World, October 1995

"Savage Warriors doesn't exactly shake the foundations of the gaming universe with its storyline. It is, however, a decent introductory-level fighting game. Flawed in a few key areas, perhaps, but with outstanding graphics and a real desire to deliver the goods."

"The characters - ten of them, plus a boss and four secret, jockey types like a cocktail waitress, basketball player and dwarf - are beautifully rendered through a process Mindscape calls '3-D Bio Motion'. It is a pretty impressive trick, although you'll need some pretty heavy hardware to check it out."

Electronic Entertainment, November 1995

"The contestants are your average battlin' schmoes - Indians, pirates, thugs, commandos, and the like. Each has a special set of standard and power moves, including a few secret techniques. There are more special and hidden attacks than you would expect to find in this type of game, and you can initiate these moves equally well with keyboard or joystick."

"The island features a slew of arenas, ranging from beaches to ruins. Many are semi-interactive, offering opportunities for the fighters to hang or climb. Other options include an animated demo, the ability to select control options for one- or two-player games, a 3-D playback feature, and two different (2-D and 3-D) play modes."

"While it's not up to the lofty standards of the new generation of set-top fighting titles, Savage Warriors does what you expect a fighting game to do - after you've fiddled with your computer to make it run right."

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