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ZOOM Safecracker
$14.95 (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (SAFECRPR)

Publisher: Daydream Software / DreamCatcher




B+ from Just Adventure

4/5 from AdventureGamer

The Ultimate Puzzle Challenge!

Your resume as an elite security expert is flawless. And now, you have a once-in-lifetime opportunity to land the job of your dreams: as the head of security development at the world famous firm of Crabb & Sons Safe and Security Systems. To prove you have what it takes, you first must pass a test. You must break into your eccentric employer's heavily secured headquarters and crack the numerous puzzle-based combinations on over 35 safes. Each safe holds a clue to the combination of your ultimate goal, the Master Safe. Crack all the safes and the job is yours.

Between you and your goal lie a labyrinth of elegantly appointed rooms, filled with hidden clues, an exquisitely detailed collection of art and antiques - and most importantly - the many unique and challenging puzzles.

You think you can do it ... now your challenge is to prove it!

Intuitive interface and addictive gameplay

Beautifully rendered 3D environments

Complete 360 degree camera movement

Discover subtly hidden clues in every room

Explore a massive 50 room mansion as you attempt to crack puzzle after puzzle

An array of tantalizing & complex puzzles that will challenge your skills to the limit


Windows 95/98/ME/XP: Pentium 100MHz, 16MB RAM (24MB recommended), 15MB hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster.


Just Adventure, by Randy Sluganski

"If ever the title of a game so succinctly described the scintilla of the plot, then it surely is Safecracker by Daydream Software. The entire framework of the game is comprised around your ability to break into or "crack" one safe after another. Over 35 different types of safes must be cracked. If you live for games of the delicious gonad-busting, sweat-dripping-down-your-brow, kick-your-computer-in-sweet-frustration variety, then Safecracker will be your salvation in these lean times for adventure gamers. It is nirvana for brainiacs..."

"Thirty-five safes are spread over 50 rooms of the mansion. Big safes and little safes. Red safes and blue safes. Piano safes and pyramid safes (this is starting to sound like a Dr. Seuss book). Of course, every single safe must be opened, not in any particular order, mind you, but you will soon discover there is a method to the madness. Inside the safes reside clues and inventory items that will allow you to--you guessed it--open another safe. Now, clues are always welcome in any game, even more so in a logic-driven game of this type, but the developers of Safecracker are a seemingly devious, if not deviant, bunch as they decided to throw a monkey wrench into the game and include a lot of red herrings..."

"Safecracker is a game that will be treasured by the devotees of Jewels of the Oracle and Myst. It is not for everyone, but I guarantee that if you are enamored of puzzle/adventure games, then Safecracker will not disappoint..."

Adventure Gamer by Ray Ivey

"Oh, lord, here I go again giving a big fat thumbs up to an adventure game that has virtually no story! It’s Safecracker from Daydream Software, a Swedish company who’s also developing the upcoming Traitor's Gate."

" So sue me. Safecracker provided me with about sixteen hours of the most pure delightful pleasure I’ve had since I began playing these strange and wonderful games."

"The puzzles are simply a delight. Everything from the above-mentioned slider and logic combos to anagrams, circular jigsaws, math problems, and symbol translation. There are dozens of puzzles to solve and their great variety kept me playing well past my bedtime for several nights."

"Here’s how playable this game is. I finished it over a five day period in which I had a houseguest. I theoretically had no time to play games during those days, and yet found myself in front of my computer late at night, saying to myself, 'Just one more safe . . . okay, just one more safe . . '"

Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"SafeCracker is a tricky title to categorise as it fits somewhere in between the adventure and puzzle categories. Though at first glance it might seem to be purely based on solving logic puzzles to open safes, this is not strictly the case as there's a lot of diligent searching to be done to find many safe keys and combinations as well."

"There's a lot of searching to do and the gameworld is detailed and interesting as Crabb & Sons occupy a fascinating old home decked out in splendid furniture and with copious works of art..."

"SafeCracker really is quite an enjoyable game and there is some challenge in accessing and opening every single safe. It kept me entertained and I had lots of fun exploring as there are secret passageways to find as well as many clues and items to discover."

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