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ZOOM Safari
$4.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail - Published by Medio) (SAFARIPR)

This product was originally published by Medio and re-published by Cambrix. The Cambrix version is no longer available.

Alpenglow / Cambrix Publishing / Medio Multimedia



4 stars from CD-ROM Today (original version)

4 stars from Electronic Entertainment (original version)

Explore the Untamed World

Roam the Wilds of Africa, and Observe Hundreds of Fascinating Animals in Action!

Now for the first time you can take an interactive safari through the famed Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya and adjoining Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, with acclaimed wildlife photographer Jonathan Scott as your guide. These lands are the kingdom of the big cats, the scene of nature's most massive animal migrations, and home to countless wildlife species. Featuring over 800 stunning high-resolution photographs and breakthrough multimedia effects - including full-screen action videos and a hotlink to the internet - Safari provides a captivating adventure for explorers of all ages.

Adventure-Packed with All This and More:

  • Over 800 high resolution photographs
  • 48 action videos all shot in the wild
  • Comprehensive library of authentic animal sounds
  • Hundreds of animal articles with annotations
  • Detailed safari maps with clickable "hot spots" that link to related photos, videos and articles
  • Extensive narration from your guide
  • Photos and articles can be printed
  • Wildlife photography tips
  • Original music from D'Cuckoo

Take Organized Safaris, or Explore the Savannas at Will!

Enjoy numerous Guided Tours, the Video Gallery, a Field Guide and more. Or select from dozens of destinations on the Safari Maps, bringing beautiful landscape photos of them to your screen. Click on the treetops, riverbanks, reeds and other features to get stunning closeups of the resident animals, along with authentic sounds, full-screen videos, in-depth articles, and fascinating narrations from your guide.

Observe Hundreds of Animals & Birds in their Natural Habitats!

Search rocky cliffs for big cats in Leopard Gorge, take a trip to Hyena Lookout, watch hippos wade in a crocodile-infested river, observe 200 exotic birds - all from your desktop.

Photographed & Narrated by Jonathan Scott

Published in National Geographic and winner of the BBC's Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, Jonathan Scott has photographed and studied Africa's animals for over twenty years. In Safari he shows his best work, and provides captivating narration about the wildlife, geology, history and people of the region.

Hotlink to Wildlife on the Internet!

One click access to the hottest wildlife sites on the World Wide Web.


80486SX-25CPU, 4MB RAM (8MB recommended), SVGA 640x480 display, 256 colors, 16-bit sound card, double speed CD-ROM drive, 4MB hard disc space, MS DOS 5.0 or later, Microsoft CD-ROM extensions 2.2 or later, compatible with Windows 3.1 or greater.

Older product but tested OK on Windows XP.


CD-ROM Today, July 1995 (Original Version)

"Exploring Medio's Safari is like stepping into a PBS documentary about the African veldt. This audio-visual adventure delves deep into the heart of the Serengeti Plain, home to the Masai Mara tribe of East Africa. Its stunning photography, wonderful location sounds, and beautiful - if sometimes grisly - video make it a multimedia experience not to be missed.

"Safari's simple but elegant interface features a full-screen portrait of the king of beasts, flanked by buttons leading to collections of photos, videos, guided tours, and mush more. The best place to start is the Overview, a five-minute introduction by photojournalist Jonathan Scott. Scott's narrative is nicely synchronized with a slide show of his excellent photographs of the region.

"After the Overview, you can investigate at will. The videos are fascinating, and several are brutally raw in their portrayal of predatory life. For example, one video shows a pack of wild dogs pulling a panting springbok from the river, where they devour it alive on the bank. Adults who wish to share this title with their children should be aware that Safari is not The Lion King.

"Another fascinating area to explore is the Sounds section of the program's Viewing Gallery. Here you'll find dozens of audio clips of zebras braying, baboons screaming, a Masai tribesman's campfire song, a lion and lioness mating, and the song of the striped king-fisher. The emotional range in this segment moves quickly from amusing to terrifying and back again.

"Enter the section titled On Safari and you'll get a map of the region with hot spots you can click to visit other areas of interest. Guided Tours provides an in- depth view of various topics: Birds, Herbivores, Migration, Wild Dogs, The Future, and so on. Of particular note here are the sections on The Masai tribe and The Hunt, the latter a gruesome but enlightening photo sequence of a lioness and her daughters stalking and killing a water buffalo.

"The Field Guide provides detailed information on 50 animals and 50 birds, each with a screen of text describing their size, shape, life span, mating rituals, reproductive and feeding habits, and so on. Photos display automatically as you scroll through the text. And for those armchair tourists who long to capture a cheetah in their own telephoto lens, Safari provides a section of photo tips and tricks from Scott himself.

"Although the production quality of Safari gets the highest marks, I can't say the same about its performance. I experience a few hiccups in both video and audio, and my system crashed every time I tried to expand a video to full screen.

"Despite the glitches, Safari earns a thumbs up for its depth of information and excellent use of the medium. Invest a little time with this program, and you'll find yourself immersed in the sights, sounds - virtually everything but the smells - of one of the last untouched areas on the planet."

Electronic Entertainment, February 1995 (Original Version)

"Unfortunately, the low-resolution videos don't do justice to their spectacular subjects, but the 800-plus vivid color photos of leopards, cheetahs, lions and their prey, coupled with expert narration and atmospheric music, make this a satisfying digital journey. In spite of his slightly patronizing tone, the narrator might just remind you of ol' Marlin Perkins. But with CD-ROM's ability to present items of interest on-demand, Safari's got Wild Kingdom beat paws down."

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