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ZOOM Sabre Ace:
Conflict over Korea
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (SABREACEPR)

Virgin Interactive Entertainment


ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults - Animated Violence

Make History or Become It

You're a Sabre pilot on patrol over MiG Alley. Suddenly, a MiG-15 rips from behind the clouds and into your sights. You pull back on the trigger, squeezing off burst after burst until the MiG's nothing but a flaming mass of metal plummeting to the ground. You take a moment to catch your breath, when out of the corner of your eye, you see the glint of another MiG. As the traces from its cannons streak past your canopy, you realize there are two ways you can go down in history - as a Sabre Ace or as cannon fodder. Which would you rather be?

Authentic Korean War Aircraft: Fly as a U.S. fighter pilot in the F-51 Mustang, F-80 Shooting Star, F-86 Sabre, or in the Soviet military aboard the YAK-9 and MiG-15.

Multiplayer Network and Modem Play: Engage in explosive dogfights with modem, serial or LAN connections.

Relentelss Opponents: Sophisticated A.I. that challenges even the toughest Ace.

Non-Stop Action: Design your own dogfights in "Custom Flight" or jump into combat with "Go Fly" mode.

High Intensity Graphics: realistic terrain, high resolution 3-D models for targets, intense explosions, visible aircraft damage and varied weather conditions.

45 Lethal Missions: Lead actual campaigns from the Korean War.

Expert Approved: Tested by actual Korean War veterans for the ultimate in realism.

A Great Time To Be A Pilot

On June 24, 1950 at 0400 hours, the Korean War began when eight North Korean Army Divisions, supported by Russian-built T-34 tanks, crossed over the 38th parallel into South Korea and laid waste to everything in their path. On June 25, 1950 at 1500 hours, the Korean Air War was initiated when two YAK-9 aircraft dove upon Kimpo Airport in South Korea and proceeded to tear up the field with cannon and machine gunfire. Ah yes, it was a great time to be alive. If you were a pilot that is. That's because the Korean War marked a first in history - all jet dogfights. Of course, as a Sabre pilot trying to lock on a MiG-15 that's going 500 knots, while another MiG uses its cannons to turn your tail into tissue paper, you didn't have much time to celebrate. But now with Sabre Ace, you can put yourself in the pilot seat and experience the absolute bliss of being a combat pilot during the Korean War.

F-86 Sabre

The one, the only. "The Sabre." If the Korean War had a super hero, this North American Aviation-built, single-engined jet aircraft was it. The F-86 was the first swept-wing jet fighter to be adopted by the American air arm.

Engine: General Electric J47-GE-13 turbojet

Maximum Speed: 587 knots

Armament: Six machine guns, HVAR rockets


The United Nations' forces didn't know what hit them when this bad boy shot through the skies. With its outstanding flying capabilities, the Russian-built, single-engine, swept-wing fighter was a terror to even the most experienced Sabre Ace.

Engine: RD-45F (Rolls-Royce Nene) turbojet

Maximum Speed: 564 knots

Armament: Two 23mm cannons, one 37mm cannon

F-80 Shooting Star

Lockheed built this sleek, single-engined jet also known as "The Shooting Star." It was utilized as a fighter-bomber/reconnaissance aircraft and is most noted for shooting down the first MiG-15 of the Korean War in what is thought to have been the first jet-versus-jet combat.

Engine: General Electric J33-A-23 turbojet

Maximum Speed: 516 knots

Armament: Six machine guns, 1,000 lb. of bombs, HVAR rockes

P-51 Mustang

Built by North American Aviation, the "Mustang" is a single-engine, propeller-driven plane which was utilized as a fighter-bomber/reconnaissance aircraft.

Engine: Packard V-1650-7

Maximum Speed: 380 knots

Armament: Six machine guns, 1,000 lb. of bombs, HVAR rockets


The most successful interceptor of all the Yakovlev's, this single-engined, propeller-driven aircraft was built in Russia and was utilized as a fighter.

Engine: Klimov M-105PF

Maximum Speed: 325 knots

Armament: Two machine guns, one 20mm cannon, 500 lb. of bombs


Windows 95, Pentium 133 or higher, 16MB RAM, 2MB video card, SoundBlaster or 100% compatible, 4x CD-ROM.

Recommended Joysticks: Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro, microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro, ThrustMaster, CH.

Optimized for 3D Accelerator Cards: Canopus Total 3D Pure 3D, Cretive 3D Blster, Intergraph Intense 3D/Reactor, Diamond Monster 3D/Stealth 3D/Viper V330, Orchid Righteous 3D, Matrox Mystique, NEC Power VR.

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