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ZOOM Bicycle Rummy
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (RUMMYBPR)

Expert has been sold and the inventory in the warehouse has not been released by the auditors yet.

Publisher: Expert

Game / Card

Easy to Learn, Fast-Playing, and Exciting

Created in the 1800s, Rummy has been described as the only card game suitable "for gamblers and missionaries - though perhaps not at once." Rooted in Mexican, French, Native American, and Chinese games and strategies, Gin Rummy hints to the game's popularity with the gaming and drinking Louisiana French colonists, where it was considered a relative of Poker.

Nine variations of Rummy including 500 Rum, Gin Rummy, and Oklahoma Gin

Progressing difficulty levels make Bicycle Rummy a constant challenge for beginners and seasoned players alike.

Play alone, or, at the touch of a button, with players from all over the world via the Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone Website

Advance skills or learn as you play by selecting step-by-step on-screen tutoring, immediate feedback on moves, hints, and replay features

Master Rummy strategy by choosing from nine game variations, creating and saving scenarios for later play and review.

Exciting New Features Created Exclusively for Bicycle Players

The easiest menu-based interface of any card game software

On-screen tutorial and hints for every move, game, and skill level - as you need it

Elegant graphics and customizable playing environments, card deck designs, music, and tables let you set the mood

Dynamic animated card-playing characters to play with - or against

Install Bicycle Rummy onto your hard drive and leave your CD-ROM free for music

Multi Player

Get connected! Bicycle now proudly brings you the next evolution in Rummy. Experience this exciting, fast-paced game right from your computer and, for the first time ever, also join in thrilling Rummy card games with players from all over the world, with a simple mouse click.


Windows 95/98: 486DX/100MHz or higher, 8MB RAM (16MB recommended), 2x CD-ROM drive or higher, 16bit sound card, 30MB hard drive space, Windows supported mouse. Optional: IPX compatible network or Internet access required for multiplay, 14.4 KBPS modem or higher.

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