Railroad Tycoon Deluxe Railroad Tycoon Deluxe
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See Railroad Tycoon II for an Excellent Updated New Version


Game / Strategy

Suitable for All Ages

Sid Meiers's Original Strategic Simulation is Back!

You are an entrepreneur in the early 1800's. You understand the changes that are sweeping the land. Factories are rising. The population is swelling. The nation clamors to move West. You see the opportunity for phenomenal wealth and power. You plan to seize it for yourself.

See the separate parts of your spawling empire operate together like clockwork in colorful, detailed animations.

Direct the action easily using a clear interface with concise pull-down menus.

Feel the thrill of controlling whole worlds of intricate interactions - all centering on you!

Hear the rich, distinctive sounds of business and industry in the 19th century.


DOS: 16 MHz 80286 compatible or faster, DOS 5.0 or later, 4MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive (MSCDEX version 2.3 or later), SVGA graphics for 640 x 480 x 256 colors, 6MB free hard drive space.

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