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ZOOM Railroad Tycoon II
The Second Century Expansion Pack
$9.95 (Win95/98/NT4.0) (Retail) (RRTYC2EXPR)
$14.95 Bundle: The Second Century & Official Strategy Guide
(Win95/Win98) (Retail) (RRTYC2BPR)

Full version of Railroad Tycoon II required to operate.

Pop Top Software / Gathering of Developers


ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults


4 ½ stars from Computer Gaming World

Expansion Pack for the 1998 Strategy Game of the Year

Every man, woman, and child who enjoyed the pleasantries of an afternoon well spent with the smash PC hit Railroad Tycoon II has anticipated the arrival of this ultra-modern expansion pack. Eighteen all-new campaign scenarios divided into three distinct historical eras are sure to delight today's modern PC gamer.

Ride the Rails Back in Time!

In the passage from 1939 through 1950, stop along the way to do your part for the war effort. Deliver troops and supplies to the besieged Allied front. Rebuild the British rail system after its destruction in the Blitz. Protect Mother Russia from the advancing Germans. Only a foolproof rail system can spell victory for the Allies!

Modern Times Require Progressive Thinking!

Next stop, the Modern Era. Solve the transportation problems facing the modern world from 1950 to 2005. Help build a modern Metra passenger system for Seattle. Manage the suboceanic Chunnel system between England and France without drowning in debt. Be the visionary who links two of America's greatest cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, with long-awaited high speed rail.

Last Stop, The Future!

From 2005 to 2030, worldwide flooding and melting ice caps wreak new havoc for the modern railroad tycoon. The United States is a watery wasteland. The Mediterranean is an empty basin with a blossoming Eden. Antarctica is a promising agricultural center. The heady task of providing rail systems for this strange and exotic new world falls upon your shoulders. No doubt only the most ingenious solutions will do.

One of the Wonders of the World?

This fine game boasts new buildings! Weapons plants... army barracks... and a distillery.

Melted Antarctica... flooded United States... dried up Mediterranean... these and other new landscapes abound!

New engines! The French TGV Bullet... The German DB18 201 modern steam train... The Brenner 412... enjoy them all.

Presenting new cars such as Metra passenger cars... troop transports... and weapons flatbeds!

New architectural elements such as spanning bridges allow the safe crossing of open bodies of water.

New operational controls such as drop shipping and route waypoints let you meet the traffic challenges of the modern railroad.

Over 15 exceptional stand-alone scenarios. Most are mutliplayer ready. Be the first on your block to try them.!


Windows 95/98/NT4.0 Pentium 133 or greater, 16MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM, 1024x768 capable video card and monitor, 160MB free hard disk space, Internet multiplay requires a 28.8 Kbps modem, full version of Railroad Tycoon II required to operate.


Computer Gaming World, October 1999

"Rail fans should love Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century. Not only does this comprehensive expansion set offer new industries to service and a campaign of 18 scenarios )six representing wartime and the post-WWII era, six representing the technology shift from steam to diesel, and six representing the near future), but it also offers new locomotives, easier track-laying, and better cargo-handling.

"This add-on doesn't quite reach the coveted five-star status we'd like to give it, because the game still lacks an UNDO command. Even with the improved interface, it's possible to click in the wrong place and spend unnecessary money on track that must immediately be bulldozed. Still, Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century enjoyably expands the horizons of its predecessor, much like railroading expanded the world's economies in the early to mid-century."

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