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ZOOM Rocket Jockey
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (ROCKETJPJ)


Game: Action

Difficulty Level: Advanced


3 1/2 stars from Computer Gaming World

Missile-Riding Mayhem

It's your basic boy-meets-rocket, boy-loses-rocket, boy-gets-dragged-along-the-ground and crushed-against-wall story. You fly around with a superfast rocket between your legs. You fire cables from your rocket at pylons to turn and to clothesline your opponents (preferably really good friends who take losing badly). You knock them off their rockets. You steal their rockets. You plow them over, repeatedly, with their own rockets.

Then you snag them with your cables and drag them along the ground, bashing them into walls and things. As if this weren't already nirvana, there are three gladiator-style Rocket Jockey contests - Rocket War, Rocket Racing and rocket Ball - all networkable, so you can humiliate up to six of your friends at a time.

All in all, it's good clean American fun.

Rocket War - Last one on a rocket wins. But more importantly, gets you to scream "You-you-you-you!" in the other guys' faces. Clothesline opponents, drag them along the ground at 100mph, plow them over, torch them with jet exhaust and crush them against the hood of your rocket. All's fair in love and war. And this isn't love.

Rocket Racing - Makes drag racing look like bingo. Rocket around the arena, cutting between pylons, smacking fellow jockeys into the wall and out of the race, while avoiding oncoming walls. To win, you need a strategy. A twisted, demented, crackbrained, sicko strategy, but a strategy nonetheless.

Rocket Ball - Croquet, it ain't. Try latching onto different kinds of balls - some that bounce, others that explode - and heaving them into the goal or at other jockeys, while they try to turn your head into pudding pie.


Networkable across a LAN for up to 6 people, so you can drag your friends kicking and screaming behind your rocket, one or two at a time.

Real-time 3D texture - mapped environments.

Surf guitar soundtrack featuring the legendary Dick Dale.


Windows 95 IBM PC or compatible with Pentium 90MHz processor, 4x CD-ROM drive, 16MB of RAM, 55 MB of hard disk space, Super VGA (640 x 480c 256 colors), 16 bit sound card, keyboard or 8 button controller.


Computer Gaming World, April 1997

"After a few misfires, Rocket Science has finally gotten it right with the addictive missile-riding mayhem of Rocket Jockey. It's Buck Rogers-meets-Rollerball as gamers mount flame-spewing rocket bikes to crash and burn through three simple but challenging games in over 50 different 3D arenas. Gameplay is tough to master, requiring strategy as well as skill."

"There's little not to like about Rocket Jockey. It looks good, it sounds great, and it's certainly the most enjoyable way to sustain a concussion. In the end, Rocket Jockey is simply a blast."

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