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ZOOM Roberta Williams Anthology
Sold Out (Win95/Win3.1/DOS) (Retail) (ROBERTAWPR)



ESRB Rating: Teen (Ages 13+) - animated violence

The Evolution of Adventure Gaming in a Box

A journey that echoes the evolution of computer games. Explore the many realms of Roberta Williams. Whether you're in Dracula's castle, an underground cavern, a mansion cursed by evil, or a mysterious island, the adventure games of Roberta Williams take you places you've never been - uncharted realms of fantasy and mystery where anything can happen...and probably will.

Since 1980, Roberta Williams has brought the world adventure games that challenge the mind, amaze the senses and push computer technology to its limits.

The most prolific and successful game designer in the world, she has sold 10 million copies of her games - more than anyone in the history of entertainment software.

Now, join Roberta on her journey from Mystery House to Phantasmagoria and experience all the magic along the way.

14 Full Games

Mystery House - Roberta's debut game, Mystery House (1980), was the first to combine graphics and text for the personal computer.

The Wizard and the Princess

Mission: Asteroid

Time Zone - (1982) is the largest game of its kind ever created, and was selected by the Smithsonian Institute as an example of the best computer games of the time.

King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown - (1983) was considered to be the first 3-D computer game and the beginning of a series which has sold 7 million games worldwide.

King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne

King's Quest III: To Heir is Human

King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella - (1988) was fourth in the King's Quest series and the first computer game to feature a female hero. The cutting edge music and sound effects were a first for the industry.

King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride - (1994) boasted feature film-quality animation and music.

The Colonel's Bequest: A Laura Bow Murder Mystery

The Dagger of Amon Ra: A Laura Bow Murder Mystery

Mixed-Up Mother Goose - 1985 was the debut of Mixed-Up Mother Goose - the first adventure game for preschoolers. It remains a favorite to this day.

Phantasmagoria Chapter One - In 1995, Roberta's horror masterpiece Phantasmagoria was the first adventure to seamlessly blend live actors and 3-D rendered computer backgrounds.

Sneak Preview of King's Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity included.

Requirements: 2x CD-ROM, 486/25 or better, 8 MB RAM, soundcard w/ DAC, Win3.1 or MS DOS 5.0 or better, SVGA 640x480 @ 256 colors, mouse, keyboard.


Computer & Net Player, February 1997

"...16 games, several playable for the first time on the PC via an included Apple II emulator. Even if you missed just one of these games, with a street price of under $50, the Anthology is a steal. Like King Graham's magic treasure chest, this collection of adventures overflows with pure gold. I'm ready to hop into the wayback machine. Are you?"

PC Gamer, May 1997

"Remember Mystery House? How about The Wizard and the Princess, or Time Zone? Surely you'll recognize the name King's Quest. These are just some of the games present in Sierra's new release, The Roberta Williams Anthology, a collection that brings together nearly all of Williams' games.

"I remember these games well - they were some of the first to consume my time in front of a computer monitor. Not only is this collection a great trip down memory lane, it also includes some just-plain-great games. If you haven't had a chance to play any of these, you're missing out on some of the games that made adventure gaming the big-time industry it's become. Be warned, though: the graphics in the earliest games are really dated - but what do you expect from titles that originated on the Apple II? The package hearkens to a time when gaming was simpler, unfettered by the trappings of full-motion video and 3D-rendered graphics. The purpose of these games was simply to entertain, not make tons of money. As the creator of these games, Roberta Williams secured her place as one of the founders of true gaming goodness."

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