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ZOOM River World
$24.95 (Win95) (Retail) (RIVERWLDPR)

Cryo Interactive Entertainment


What a Management Team...

Christopher Columbus, Attila the Hun, Rockfeller, Albert Einstein, General Eisenhower.

They're yours to recruit and manage in a real time 3D strategy / management game that asks you to reclaim a planet while reclaiming human past, present and future.

Based on the series of classic science fiction novels by Philip José Farmer, this game challenges you to find the resources, command the people, build the structures, fight the battles and invent the tools that will advance you from the stone age to a world of super-technology.

Explore dozens of territories as you find, recruit, manage, fight and use to your advantage a planet full of people with varying skills and aptitudes, including many historical figures.

Over 400 interactive characters

3 different views

4 levels spread over 11 technological ages, from stone age to a future technology age.


You are Sir Richard Francis Burton, famous English explorer from the Victorian era. You have been on a quest to find the source of the Nile, you were one of the first Westerners to have visited Mecca, you have translated the Thousand and One Nights, and you died on December 19th 1890. So why do you find yourself back here again and on the banks of this endless river? You are surrounded by all humanity and yet, you are neither in heaven, nor in hell, but resurrected on Riverworld, a very real world created artificially. Who by? And why? It is up to you to find out. Explore the territories bordering the river and meet those who made their mark on their age such as Julius Caesar, Napoleon or Einstein. You will need their help in order to survive. Because human beings are incorrigible. No sooner back from the dead, the struggle for life begins again and some of them are determined to take over control of this planet. Queen Victoria, Ivan the Terrible or Chaka the Zulu King are not going to let the grass grow under their feet. They already command several territories, and are in the process of building arms and vehicles to conquer this new world.

At the source of the river stands an immense Black Tower, refuge of the Ethics, extra-terrestrial beings who have set up the system on this planet. They rule the planet from this tower, distributing food to men by means of Grail Stones, strange indestructible machines set up in the centre of each territory. If you take control of one of these machines then the territory is yours and its population will obey your every whim. Make your way up river taking possession of territories as you go, exploiting the resources available to build boats to go quicker, and weapons to attack or defend yourself. The first to reach the Black Tower will then discover the secrets of Riverworld.


Windows 95: Pentium 133 or higher preferred, 32MB RAM, 4x or faster CD-ROM drive, SVGA 2MB video card, mouse, sound card, DirectX5 (available on the CD-ROM).

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