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ZOOM Rise of the Triad:
The Dark War
Sold Out (DOS) (Jewel Case) (RISETRIPJ)



Wanton and Gratuitous Violence


81% from PC Gamer

This is the Game You've Been Waiting For

You are a member of the HUNT, the High-risk United Nations Taskforce. Caught with your pants down on a routine surveillance mission, your only choice is to blaze through hundreds of armed soldiers, automatons, and undead, eluding traps at every turn. Explore huge levels (up to a million sq. ft. each) with realistic fog and lightning. Look up and down, spring off jump pads, fly, and more!

And so it begins: the all-out blood-fest. The unrelenting blood and fire rampage of your most twisted nightmares. With ten incredibly vicious weapons, you can shred enemies into barely recognizable meat (unless you turn the violence off). Giant panes of glass shatter before your might. Your machine gun blasts holes in the walls - sparks and metal fly as you blow apart virtually everything in sight. Never before have you been so free to destroy!


Advanced technology gives unmatched realism - graphic scenery with paralleling sky, fog and light diminishing effects, radiant light, lightning and other features never before seen in game graphics!

Play as one of five unique characters (male and female).

An industry first: Parental violence adjustment (with password) lets you set game from none to excessive.

Over 30 massive levels (up to 1,000,000 sq. ft. each).

Level generator for unlimited variety of new games (CD-ROM only).

Super save games preserve your place and include a snapshot of where you were.

Battle friends over modem, serial cable or 11 player network - 10 special Comm-bat levels included (30 on CD-ROM).

Cruelly taunt your opponent with Remote Ridicule.

9 Comm-bat games with 30 amazing options.

15 environmental dangers like spinblades and firechutes.

10 high-powered weapons to blow everything away.

Tons of secret areas, difficult puzzles, and bonuses.

20MB of graphics, animation, and digital sound.

4 sinister bosses with multiple stages and massive attacks.

Native support for all major sound cards.

Three words: Really cool explosions.

Requirements: PC-compatible 386/33 or higher, 4MB RAM (8MB recommended), VGA required, keyboard, joystick or mouse, Sound Blaster, MIDI, Gravis UltraSound & others.


PC Gamer, June 1995

"In Rise of the Triad you explore more than 30 big levels, avoiding a huge assortment of hazards and, of course, slinging a lot of lead. It's those hazards that make Triad different - you'll have to dodge moving walls, rolling boulders, lava pits, flame jets, gas traps, and spinning columns of razor-sharp blades straight out of a Clive Barker movie. The game features a wealth of nifty items and weapons, too."

Computer Gaming World, December 1994

"A very user friendly product, this ambitious design allows for both two-player modem play and up to 11(!) players in network shoot-'em-ups. The texture mapping is slick and professional. Explosions and gunfire bursts have an aura of realism, enhanced by the rich bits of audio, which include the best shattering glass sounds we've heard."

Computer Shopper, May 1995

"Just when you thought nothing could take the place of Doom II in your heart or on your hard drive, along comes another fast-paced, first-person-perspective killathon that will get your hard drive spinning and your heart pumping."

"Apogee has done an end run around anticipated criticism of video-game violence. Triad features a Violence Level Adjustment that can be set anywhere from no gore to excessive blood and guts. Parents can lock in the option not to let their youngsters view exploding bodies by selecting their own password."

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