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ZOOM Rise of the Robots
$9.95 (DOS) (Jewel Case) (RISEROBPJ)

Mirage Technologies Ltd. / Time Warner Interactive


Suitable for all audiences


7 out of 10 from CD-ROM Player

Lethal Engineering. Merciless Combat.

When robots rise, there can be no mercy.

Metropolis 4. A city-state dependent on robot-run industry. A city under siege.

At Electrocorp, the largest manufacturer of military and industrial robots, a malignant Ego virus has corrupted the robot-workers' behavioral programming. A seductive sensation has been added to the newly created "Pleasure Center" in their CPUs. Its name: Destruction/Joy.

There is but one way to end the rampant evil. A champion must be found. You are chosen. Part man, part machine - you are the Cyborg. You must challenge the most aggressive robot ever engineered. Each equipped with artificial intelligence. Each capable of anticipating your every move. Each with only one objective: Destroy.

You must battle five robot fighters of unparalleled strength and skill before squaring off against the ultimate challenger: the Supervisor. Her speed and accuracy are lethal. Her evil, melting, morphing ability, deadly.

Prepare for the most intense showdown ever!

One- and two-player modes

Original score by legendary rock guitarist Brian May

3-D visual contouring allows robots to exist in a realistic environment

Up to 100 frames of animation support fluid robot movements

Sophisticated punch detection matrix enhances playability

Artificial intelligence allows robots to learn and anticipate, creating increasingly difficult fight sequences

Requirements: PC with 486DX/33 MHz or higher processor, 4 MB RAM, 10 KB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive with a minimum 150 KB/sec transfer rate, CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX.EXE) version 2.21 or later, SVGA card (512K RAM or greater 640 x 400 with 256 colors), VESA Bios Extensions, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card, MS-DOS version 5.0 or later, joystick (optional)


Computer Gaming World, January 1995

"In the setup story of Rise of the Robots we find that things are amiss at the completely self-sufficient Electorocorp manufacturing complex in Metropolis 4. Somehow the head robot, known simply as "'The Supervisor', has been infected with the wicked Ego virus. Her behavioral programming has become completely restructured so that she derives a great deal of joy from destroying things. As a consequence, she has shut down the factory and has begun to reprogram all the other robot workers with her own Destruction/Joy program."

"That's the storyline, such as it is. As the ECO 35-2, a unique bio-mechanical cyborg with a human brain, you'll be facing five of The Supervisor's most powerful mechanized mates. Defeat the five of them, and you'll face the Supervisor herself in a winner-take-all showdown."

"Breaking with tradition, Rise of the Robots' high-resolution graphics and animation look just as good during game play as during the cinematic splash screens. The robots were rendered using 3-D Studio, so all of them exist in a true three-dimensional environment and can be rotated or lit from virtually any angle. This means that each of the six deadly enemies move smoothly and realistically as they try to turn the little Cyborg into a tin can."

"Action enthusiasts jazzed by the sharp look of Rise of the Robots may be disappointed once they actually start playing the game. For some reason, the designers decided to limit the spectrum of action to only 6 kinds of attacks. So not only must you fight the whole time from one side of the screen, but you have a minimal repertoire of ways to inflict pain upon your opponents. Moreover the special moves of each robot are entirely too difficult to figure out."

CD-ROM Player, June 1995

"No argument here about how impressive Rise of the Robots looks: it easily sets the new high-water mark in graphics and animation for PC fighting games. Unfortunately, this attractive exterior does nothing to compensate for terrible playability problems and a limited number of opponents. If you're a die-hard beat-'em up fan you may be able to overlook these problems; less patient gamers may want to pass this golden turkey by."

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