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ZOOM Ripper
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (RIPPERPR)
It is unopened with unbroken seal tabs top and bottom. Damage is at top of box from being hit at top left corner.

Take 2 Interactive Software



from Four Fat Chicks

4 stars from PC Entertainment

A- from Just Adventure

Jack's Back

In 2040, a vicious serial killer stalks the mean streets of New York, eviscerating his victims and vanishing without a trace. The police are baffled, the city paralyzed with fear. Only you, as crime reporter Jack Quinlan, can crack the case.

Starring Christopher Walken, Karen Allen, Burgess Meredith, and John Rhys-Davies

Over 3 hrs. of full screen full-motion video across 6 CDs

4 different endings allow for extensive replayability

State of the art special effects provide unparalleled realism

Featuring the music of Blue Oyster Cult

High resolution graphics and a beautifully-rendered first-person 3D world bring the adventure to life

Over 35 interactive puzzles and combat sequences to challenge every hardcore gamer

Also starring Jimmie Walker, Tahnee Welch, David Patrick Kelly, and Ossie Davis


IBM compatible with 486 processor (50MHz minimum), Double-speed CD-ROM drive, VGA card with 512K of memory, VESA compatible or VESA driver installed (PCI or VLB recommended), 10 MB free hard drive space, Sound card (Creative Labs, Media Vision, Gravis Ultrasound); Ripper uses the HMI sound drivers, 6.5 MB free extended memory (XMS), Mouse. Supports Windows 95.


Four Fat Chicks by Jake Quinlan as told to Skinny Minnie

"Picking up the threads of Catherine's secret investigation as she lies in the ICU at Tribeca Medical Center, I vow to avenge her attack and catch this psychopath once and for all. Catherine left many coded clues and cryptic messages for me to sort out, obviously in the event of her unforeseen demise. The puzzles would prevent the Ripper story from getting into the wrong hands too easily, I guess. She was always fond of crystals and astrology and combined these passions with riddling references to the England of the 1800s. Now all I'd have to do was crack the codes and follow the leads and contacts she left behind ..."

"I eventually sense that there is more than one turbulent story waiting to be uncovered here. Through stealthy break-ins, secret file and access card impounding, bug planting, and general law-breaking behavior, I find that I am right. Trips to a local bar and a smokehouse, as well as to the police station and to the morgue where the Ripper victims are being held, all reveal much—too much actually. As I get closer to the Ripper, I actually become a suspect in the case in Detective Magnotta's eyes! How else could I possibly know so much, and how come so many of my recent story contacts keep winding up dead?"

"How the undercurrent of secrecy about the Ripper and his methods, as well as his true identity, will finally be discovered looks like it will encompass a string of unique riddles, deadly games, and challenging shootouts. The final Ripper confrontation that I so long for may even occur outside of the confines of normal life, out there in cyberspace, amidst friends and enemies alike. At least that is how this reporter predicts that the story will finally end, but maybe if you were me, it might be different ... "

PC Entertainment, May 1996

"You play Jake Quinlan, a reporter for the Virtual Herald who has been covering the ghastly exploits of a Jack-the-Ripper copycat in futuristic New York. It seems the serial killer has chosen you as his pen pal, dropping you a line each time he strikes. His victims carry his trademark knife incisions, which baffle authorities with their precision. When your own assistant and girlfriend, Catherine Powell, is attacked, this story becomes more than front-page news."

"On the whole, Ripper delivers truly satisfying adventure game play for puzzle enthusiasts. Anyone who appreciates art and animation that is second-to-none will be screaming for more."

Just Adventure by Charadee Nisonger

"Futuristic Manhattan, psychotic serial killer who disembowels his victims, uncooperative sources, and you get all of the murder info firsthand. It can't get much better than that. It always keeps you guessing on your mission to find out who the Ripper is, how he is killing his victims, and why he is committing such heinous acts. Along with spying, tampering with evidence, a love triangle, bugging rooms, a secret lab, and an encrypted journal are the pieces of evidence that suggest that the Ripper is not who you think it is to weave an intricate but easy to follow web of a plot. I give the plot an A+ for sheer brilliance and the ability to stay true."

"This game is definitely worth playing. The involving plot, simple interface, interesting characters, stunning graphics, and well-designed audio definitely compensate for the tough puzzles, complicated movement paths, and occasional overacting. The controls are easy to use, and icons are simple to figure out. There are a lot of conversations, but they are all entertaining and/or useful. Video sequences are well put together, fun to watch, and if you get sick of them you can always hit your trusty escape key. Besides that you get to explore cyberspace and stop the worst killer in the 21st Century. If you can find a copy, pick it up. The story and visuals themselves are worth playing for."


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