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ZOOM Ring:
The Legend of the Nibelungen
$9.95 (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (RINGPR)

Arxel Tribe Multimedia / Cryo Interactive Entertainment / Red Orb


ESRB Rating: Teen - Animated violence and blood


3½/5 from Adventure Gamer

Welcome to the World of the Nibelungen

Alberich, the dwarf tyrant. Siegmund, half man/half wolf. Loge, the arrogant fire spirit. The proud Walkyrie warrior. You'll play all of these characters in a spectacular adventure game that lets you live out Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelungen, one of the greatest epics of all time. Brains, Brawn and Heart: Experience for yourself the mental, physical and emotional challenges of the Nibelungen legend.

6 original game universes and 22 characters in 3D

Full-screen 360° CINvision immersion graphics

1 hour full-screen animation in CINmovie

Multiple-path gameplay: Play 4 adventures at once

Soundtrack of Richard Wagner's spectacular music

From Opera to Game

In the beginning was the legend of the Eddas, the founding mythology of the Germanic people - an extraordinary "chanson de geste" relating the birth of the cosmos and laying bare the complexity of the human soul.

And then there is Richard Wagner, a towering figure of the 19th century. Wagner immersed himself in the Eddas. He transformed them, made them his own and then presented them, to an age imbued with an ardent, excessive spirit, in the form of an immense operatic work: the four days of the Cycle of the Ring, the legend of the Nibelungen, which which his name would forever be associated.

For the very first time, a musician wrote the "scenario": and libretto, designed costumes and scenery, and even dreamed up a theatre capable of staging his work. In short, Wagner imposed his own, intensely personal vision of the world on the long saga of The Ring.

From the Germanic Forests to the Realm of Science Fiction

The Cycle of the Ring is formed by a long series of journey back and forth between past and present in search of "former worlds" - the world preceding that of men for the Germans, the world of the Ancients and oral traditions for the authors of the Eddas, the world of ancestors for Wagner.

Faced with the world developed by Philippe Bruillet - a flamboyant universe turned squarely towards the future - we have endeavoured to make use of the constant temporal bottomless pits.

Bruillet's universe is that of "the after-world": in our adaptation, his search becomes a quest for all these vanished worlds. The earth has been left in ruins, and so too has our 20th century obsession for storing, keeping, filing away and preserving. But if the earth is no more than a distant memory, what shape does this memory take? An impalpable deposit, a tiny yet infinite treasure: the memory of a man, the brain of a "metascient" - ISH.

Much More Than a Character: ISH

One character will act as our guide through the Wagnerian labyrinth - our link, our motivation and our reward. ISH, the Metascient, the human survivor, who has been entrusted by a Goddess to seach in the treshold of his memory for the threads of the legendary opera.

You are going to embody this Metascient from space and take control over four different key characters who will allow you to revive the great saga.

But beware: the cursed Ring will not unfold easily its secrets to you.


Windows 95/98/ME/XP, Pentium 133, 16MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM drive, DirectX5 compatible SVGA video card (65,000 colors), mouse. Sound card and speakers or earphones highly recommended. Optimized for MMX.

Might be difficult to install on Windows XP systems with large hard drives. It might say that there is not enough hard drive space when there is lots of space. If that happens try installing more products first or select a drive with less available space.


Alberich: The Tyrant

Alberich, a tyrannical dwarf is extremely jealous of the power of the gods. He is the ill-tempered King of Nibelheim, an underground world of gloomy mines and treacherous machinery. The Nibelungen, an oppressed society of dwarfs, toll their existence digging up the ground extracting riches for their foul-mouthed king. Alberich's own brother, Mime, has set up his forge there to aid in his brothers scheme to amass the incredible treasures of the Rhine, forge the Ring, and rise to the power of the gods.

The road to tyranny will be a fretful journey, indeed. Alberich must navigate the eerie corridors of the Nibelheim with the Glug Glutton and float the Rhine River atop a flying surfboard. Along the way, three exquisite sirens, the Rhinemaidens, test his every desire forcing him to rely on his waving morality. Will his love for the beautiful Rhinemaidens distract him from his ultimate goal? Or will he denounce his love and challenge Wotan, the supreme god?

Brunhilde: The Proud Valkyrie

Brunnhilde, the adored daughter of Wotan, is the most beautiful and the proudest of the nine Valkyries. She scours the battlefields in order to carry the bodies of bravely fallen warriors to the hive where they will wait to join the heavenly army of Wotan in Walhall.

Fleeing the wrath of her father, she wanders upon a necropolis plunged into chaos where the anger of the dead, deprived of proper burial ceremonies, has given birth to the most terrifying of demons. The serenity of this funerary world will decide her ultimate fate. Will she harness the power of the mutable solstice? Or will the wavering seasons plunge Brunhilde and the hive into the unforgiving wrath of her father, Wotan?

Loge: The Fire Spirit

Loge, the loyal servant of Wotan, carries with him the searing spirit of fire. The supreme god, Wotan, owes the giants, Fafner and Fasolt, tribute-money for the heavenly fortress he ordered them to build. Wotan had promised them Loge's younger sister Freia, the gentle keeper of the apples of immortality, in exchange for the construction of the palace. However, he does not intend to honor his debt, infuriating the powerful giants. Instead, an alternative reward is offered; the Nibelheim treasures amassed by Alberich, the dwarf king.

His adventure will probe his knowledge of the abnormal. The cunning Loge is ordered to enter the world of the unnatural and use his skillful tactics to solve the mysteries of the Nibelheim and defeat the strange opponents that Alberich conjures up. Along the way, he observes the madness of Alberich while discovering riches of untold fortune; a philosopher's stone that has the power to transform any medal into gold. Will Loge crack the cleverly enchanted codes? Or will the impatient giants lead the way to ultimate destruction?

Siegmund: The Wolf Son

Siegmund, the mortal son of the mighty Wotan, is the resourceful half man, half wolf. Long before his perilous adventure begins, he lives with his mother and twin sister. But one day, he returns from the hunt to find his unfortunate mother dead, his sister vanished, and a wolf's pelt, the only memento of the godly father he never knew.

In a tragic twist of fate, he happens upon the beautiful Sieglende, who possess a medallion that is identical to the one he earlier found engraved with his family coat of arms. His love for her becomes too great and her husband, Hundig, challenges Siegmund to a duel of chivalry. Will Siegmund's final enlightenment be the end of his quest for truth? Or will the rule of Wotan erupt into a universal battle pinning mortal allegiance against the will of the gods?


Adventure Gamer by Ray Ivey (12/30/99)

"Okay, here I go again, flying in the face of a chorus of bad reviews. I know, I’m so contrary. When released in July of this year, Arxel Tribe’s Ring received some of the worst reviews of any game in the late 90s. And to all of those reviewers, I give a grand, Wagnerian raspberry.

"Not that this game is without problems. I’d be the last to pretend it’s a perfect game. In fact, I’ll reverse my usual procedure and talk about the bad stuff first."

"The bad stuff. The game is divided into four chapters, and the game is built in such a way that you can play the chapters in any order. This is a shame, because any chance of the stories making sense is abandoned if you don’t play the chapters in a particular order.

"Also, the voice work and dialogue is excessively, oppressively, well – Wagnerian. I mean, these characters don’t talk, they declaim! They orate! They bellow!..."

"However. My friend and I barely cared about all these problems as we played the game. Why? Because the game if FUN. For two main reasons.

"The first reason are the visuals. The folks at Arxel Tribe display a truly extravagant imagination in Ring. They create a mythical space-age Wagnerian world that’s really something to behold..."

"The second reason we stayed glued to the computer and devoured this game in two sittings is the excellent collection of puzzles. We found the puzzles in Ring to be just plain fun. Not terribly hard or complicated, but engaging, imaginative and varied..."

"This is my second Arxel Tribe game (I recently played their brand new Faust), and I have to say they’ve made a believer out of me. I’m looking forward to their next two adventures, Pompeii and Jerusalem."


Mr. Bill's Game Reviews

"We would have played this game for the great Classical music alone (conducted by the famous Sir Georg Solti), but soon found ourselves immersed in the beautifully delineated worlds and captivating story. Based closely on Richard Wagner's operas of the same name (who based his drama on the ancient oral epic myths of the Germanic peoples), this is the legend of humanity's 'gods' and is, therefore, an illustration of the root causes of humanity's ultimate success or failure. As the game opens (in some far distant future time) you find you are ISH, one of the few human survivors of a cataclysm that has wiped out the rest of humanity and even Earth itself. With the help of the Earth Mother, ERDA, and the science of 'mnemogenetics', you must search your forgotten past, dredging up memories of the ancient gods in order to understand, become a greater being and, hopefully, avoid the same mistakes in the future because, as ISH says, 'any horror can repeat itself' and so the 'greatest threat' is forgetfulness. To truly understand, you yourself must become each of the four 'gods' and re-enact their story: Alberich (greed), Loge (deceit), Siegmund (heroism), and Brunnhilde (selfless love)...."

"Although the worlds may be visited in any order, we would recommend following the preceding order to better understand the story. The only place where we ran into confusion within the worlds themselves because of non-linear gameplay was within Loge's section, where we killed off our source of information before we had heard his story."

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