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ZOOM Revenant
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (REVENANTPR)

Cinematix / Eidos Interactive

Game: Role-Playing

ESRB Rating: Teen (13+) - Animated Blood and violence and suggestive themes


7.2 from


Once In a Lifetime Isn't Enough...

Locke D'Averam is Revenant, a warrior-mage resurrected from an earlier age and summoned by a powerful wizard to save the island of Ahkvilon from a mysterious cult. Locke has no memory of his past life, but as he attempts his quest, he slowly remembers the truth and what really happened to his soul all those years ago.

Over 55 weapons, 50 3D animated spells, over 30 NPCs with full voice-acting, Multiple unique areas to explore.

30 levels of advancement, over 150 individual pieces of armor, hundreds of animations and interactive combat moves, over 50 enemies, including four unique bosses.

Real-time combat involving thousands of animations, including unique moves and fatalities for each monster.

Dynamic, action-packed gameplay requires tactical thinking to explore, interact, solve puzzles, and engage in brutal combat scenarios.

Use the included editor to create your own multi-player deathmatch maps, or battle it out with your friends on one of six included levels.

Fantasy artwork developed with the help of Canadian artist, Den Beauvais, a premier fantasy and science fiction illustrator.

All original music created exclusively for Revenant by Ronie Moorings of the European band, Xymox.

From the Candle Flame to the Ocean Waves to the Rising Sun

Ur, a world shattered by war between powerful gods, a world where life is cheap, and only the strong survive. The great Cataclysm, the conflict in which the great empires and their patron gods fought and struggled for causes now long forgotten, left the world broken and desolate. The lands, once fertile and secure, are ravaged by uncontrolled mystical forces, twisted and hideous beasts from out of the darkest hells, and the gods, indifferent to the devastation they brought to the world, still seeking to dominate and manipulate the surviving mortals. Throughout the game, Locke and company will encounter various non-player characters who can offer him information to help him finish his quest - if he asks for it that is. Cinematix has recorded voice for all the characters in the game, so you will actually hear every word of the conversations with all the NPCs coming through your computer's speakers. Locke will also be impaired by several puzzles. These range from simple key puzzles to complex switch puzzles that will have you looking for clues in the strangest places. To cast spells you first need a basic understanding of the fundamental basics of the universe. There are eight core Forces at work, constantly combining and shifting to create everything that exists in the universe. From the candle flame to the ocean waves to the rising sun, everything is comprised of one or more of these Forces acting upon one another.


Windows 95/98: Pentium 233 processor or equivalent (Pentium II 300 recommended), 32MB RAM (64MB recommended), 400 MB uncompressed HD space, DirectX 6.1 or higher (included), 8x CD-ROM (24x recommended), 100% DirectX 6.1 or higher compliant 8MB PCI video card (3D accelerator card recommended), 100% DirectX 6.1 or higher compliant sound card, keyboard and mouse (100% DirectX 6.1 compliant gamepad/joystick recommended).

Multiplayer Support: Up to 4 players, Internet via TCP/IP with 33.6 kps or faster connection speed, Local Network via TCP/IP, Local Network via IPX. 2 player support via modem with 33.6 kps or faster connection speed.

Reviews: by foOk (11/12/99)

"Revenant uses Direct 3d, with lighting and all of the other fun stuff. I tested it pretty heavily with two different video boards. First, using the voodoo2 SLI, I ran into lots of quirks... walking into or out of a shop would often take a full 5 seconds of black screen before the game came back, and there were an intolerable number of freezes with "loading... please wait" displayed in the corner. However, I upgraded my system in the middle of the reviewing process, and stuck in the new GeForce 256. Now Revenant runs smooth as silk. Eidos needs to send BIG KUDOS to nVidia for saving them from a review worse than death! Some of the character animations look pretty stiff, but the main character looks quite groovy when he gets loaded up with some of the late game armor that's available. The critters you fight are fun to watch. There are lots of nice added effects, like squishing the spiders with your boot. Lots of subtle additions like this really breathe life into the game."

"The game is being compared to Diablo, but don't expect to get another Diablo clone with Revenant. I see this game as what every GOOD console rpg SHOULD be. It's action first, hard and heavy, loads of it! You want to play Revenant with a good 8 button gamepad. The combat sequences are a lot like console fighter style games..."

"...If you're looking for an action rpg with more emphasis on action than rpg, this is definitely one you'll enjoy."

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