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ZOOM Return to Krondor
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me) (Retail) (RETURNKRPR)

Sierra Studios


ESRB Rating: Teen (13+) - Animated blood, gore and violence

Return to a World of Danger, Magic, and Betrayal

Return to Krondor envelopes you in a world of strange creatures, desperate characters and the magic arts. Re-enter the complex and compelling kingdom of Midkemia in this sequel to the best selling RPG, Betrayal at Krondor.

The Tear of the Gods, a holy artifact possessing unimaginable power, is in peril. Your party must race against Bear, an evil madman, and his followers to raise the sunken ship that holds the artifact and return it to its rightful place in the temple of the Gods. The fate of Krondor is in your hands.

Journey from the dizzying heights of Krondor's Palace to the haunting depths of a temple dedicated to an evil as ancient as the gods.

Begin your journey through 11 chapters of intrigue and adventure from the mind of one of America's best-loved fantasy novelists.

Explore over 200 beautifully rendered locations and interact with more than 180 unique 3D characters.

The sights and sounds of Krondor come to breathtaking life with True3D, 16-bit lighting, dynamic audio, and cinematic camera effects.


  • 11 plot-twisting chapters
  • 180 real time, motion captured 3D characters
  • 60 spells to create and adapt
  • Tactical turn-based RPG combat system
  • 16-bit color with real-time lighting
  • Original soundtrack by Voice of the Arts
  • 3D wrap around sound
  • Smart cursors make control simple
  • Comprehensive alchemy system
  • Over 30 variations of locks, traps & puzzles

A Powerful Relic Is Missing

A Kingdom Is in Danger. Krondor Awaits Your Return.

Never before has an RPG given you so much of what you want. A complex and mystical story from best-selling fantasy author Raymond E. Feist, intense, high-quality graphics, seamless transition from navigation to combat, a myriad of spells and alchemy, plus rich characters, turn-based warfare and nasty creatures. Return to Krondor delivers it all.


Brother Solon is a devout priest of the Temple of Ishap. He has been chosen to represent his temple and aid Squire James in his quest to bring Bear to justice and reclaim the Tear of the Gods.

Accused of murder, Kendaric is the senior journeyman at Krondor's Wrecker's Guild and suspected of killing the Guild Master. In hiding, he is only now, reluctantly, beginning to understand the depths of his magical powers.

Squire James, former pickpocket made good, is now known by his association with Krondor's prince. However, his old way of life may come in handy on the road to victory.

Jazhara, Krondor's newly-appointed Court Mage is as skilled in the magical arts as she is beautiful. But is she powerful enough to fight the God of Evil?

William ConDoin is the son of Pug, the famed magician, who was adopted into the ConDoin family for his heroism in the Riftwar. Though he displayed a natural talent towards the arcane in his youth, William's dream took him down a different path - that of the warrior.


Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me, Pentium 166+ (P200 preferred), 24 MB RAM (32 MB preferred), SVGA (3D accelerator card preferred), high-color (16-bit), 4x CD-ROM drive (8x preferred), Windows compatible soundcard, mouse, keyboard.

Note for the hearing impaired - spoken dialogue only.

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