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ZOOM Return Fire 2
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (RETFIRE2PR)
$4.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Jewel Case) (RETFIRE2PJ)

RipCord Games / Panasonic


ESRB Rating: Teen (Ages 13+) - Animated violence

The Fire is Back...

The bloody hunt for your enemy's flag continues. Surpassing the game Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded "1996 Game of the Year", this second generation of pulse-pounding 3D land, sea and air combat is the ultimate gaming experience.

Driven by a brand new 3D engine, Return Fire 2 provides incredibly realistic high quality graphics and support for the latest 3D accelerator boards and force feedback joysticks. Players battle the computer loaded with over thirty scenarios and advanced artificial intelligence or jump onto the internet for down in the dirt death-matches linking up to sixteen cyber soldiers.

Commanding tanks, jeeps, helicopters, pt boats, ASVs and jump jets, Return Fire 2 gives the real thrill of life and death warfare on combat's cutting edge.

Game Play Objective:
Return Fire 2's primary objective is deceptively simple: capture the flag. Somewhere out there in the battle zone the enemy flag is hidden in one of their flag towers. All but one flag tower are decoys designed to make you waste your time and resources. Blow the towers to bits as soon as possible until you uncover the flag, then blow up the defenses in route between your bunker and the enemy flag so you can dash your nearly defenseless jeep in and snatch the flag. Race it back to your bunker for the win.


Blast your opponents from ground and airborne vehicles including jump jets, tanks, helicopters, assault vehicles, jeeps and pt boats.

Advanced enemy AI keeps you coming back for more.

New multi-player support offers head-to-head dogfight mode and cooperative or death match action for up to 16 players on LAN or Internet.

New 3D engine that creates more dynamic and realistic graphics and high quality 3D rendered objects.

Full support for OpenGL and 3Dfx accelerator cards.

Support for all joysticks including force feedback.

Three perspectives...

  • first person
  • third person - close
  • third person - far

16 player action over the Internet, LAN, or 8 player / 2 computer direct connect and modem Split screen 4 player mode on one computer.

6 different vehicles to control; tanks, jeeps, helicopters, Armored Support Vehicles (ASV), PT-boats, and jump jets.

Over 30 new maps with huge terrain and landscapes including jungle, desert and urban settings.

Plus 2 new maps every month available on the website.


Minimum w/ Acceleration: Pentium 133, Windows 95/98/ME/XP, 4x speed CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM, 175MB hard disk space, mouse, keyboard, joystick or gamepad, 16bit sound card, PCI video card + 3D acceleration.

Minimum w/out Acceleration: Pentium 200, Windows 95/98/ME/XP, 4x speed CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM, 175MB hard disk space, mouse, keyboard, joystick or gamepad, 16 bit sound card, PCI video card.

Optimal Set-Up: Pentium 200 MMX, Win98, 24x speed CD-rOM drive, 32MB RAM, 175MB hard disk space, Force Feedback Joystick with twist rudder control, 32bit sound card, PCI video card + 3Dfx acceleration.

Tested OK on Windows XP. A patch is available (let us know if you can't find it). Use Compatibility Mode and select Soft3D unless you have a 3dfx card.

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