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ZOOM Resurrection Pack for Quake
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (RESURPKPR)

GT Interactive

Game / Shooter

Suitable only for persons of 15 years and older

The Unholy Trinity

It's time to live again with Resurrection.


From the creators of DOOM and DOOM II comes the most intense, technologically advanced 3D experience ever captured on CD-ROM. Features free and fluid motion, ambient sound and incredible lighting effects. Play solo or against others via Internet, LAN or serial connection.


The year is 2320 - Warring corporations dominate the industry. Your reputation as a ruthless mercenary armed only with a trusty .44 and wearing your trademark red bandanna have made you the most sought after hired gun at B.O.S.S. underground crime syndicate.

Your current contract hit for B.O.S.S. has you specifically taking orders from the head-honcho, Bossman. You'd be a happy merc if he only paid you on time...Now he tells you he'll double your money...why?


The Quake death squads are back for more bloody battles. Earth's counter offense calls on its best man (you) to wipe out the leader of the Quake dominion.

Q!Zone challenges you with 3 completely new linked episodes, including a new weapon and new enemies to defeat. Q!Zone also provides an exceptional full control Map and Level Manager. The Level Manager allows you to control everything from sound to selecting game play mode.


Quake: IBM PC and compatibles, MS DOS 5.0 or higher, Pentium processor strongly recommended, minimally requires 486 DX4/100, 8MB RAM, 16MB recommended hard drive space, 75MB for full version, 40MB for shareware, VGA and SVGA graphics support, supports SoundBlaster & 100% compatibles, joystick and mouse support, 3 button mouse recommended, supports modem, network and IP (internet) play, CD-ROM drive.

Malice: Personal computer with a Pentium processor, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher or Windows 95, 16MB RAM, SVGA 256 color display, CD-ROM drive 2x speed or higher, registered version of Quake, SoundBlaster or 100% compatible sound card and 75MB hard drive space.

Q!Zone: Full registered version of Quake, IBM PC compatible 486 DX 100 or higher (Pentium class recommended), VGA compatible video card, 8 MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, MS-DOS 5.0 or greater, SoundBlaster or compatible sound card, 26 MB hard drive space.

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