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ZOOM Renegade: Battle for Jacob's Star
$14.95 (DOS) (Retail) (RENEGADEPO)

Strategic Simulations



4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

Based on FASA's popular Renegade Legion: Interceptor game system, Renegade is the story of starfighter-to-starfighter conflict in the 67th century. And like Wing Commander, X-Wing, and others of the genre, the extraordinary skill of an individual pilot determines the outcome of a galactic war.

You are responsible for recruiting and leading a squadron of wingmen to control the throttles of eight sleek ships. Pilot skill levels, from rookie to veteran, determine the complexity of the game's play. Your leadership ability determines the outcome. Super-VGA graphics, sound effects, and music augment the drama brought to life by the developer that created TSR's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Requirements: 486/33 MHZ IBM DX PC (486/66 MHZ IBM DX2 PC recommended), 4 Megabytes of RAM, MS-DOS 5.0 or 6.0-6.22, An Uncompressed hard drive with 15 MB free, An SVGA video adapter with a color SVGA Monitor (VESA compliant), a 100% Microsoft (or Logitech) compatible mouse, A Microsoft mouse driver version 9.01 or Logitech mouse driver version 6.24+, minimum CD- ROM drive requirements: 350 ms access time, 150 KB transfer rate, continuous read, single speed required (double speed recommended), a standard Analog Joystick (Gravis Phoenix or Thrustmaster recommended).

The minimum amount of free base RAM required is: 537,920 bytes of free base RAM, 3,342,336 bytes of free XMS - features disable in the minimum configuration: texture mapping of ships, some sound and explosion effects, and bit-mapped galaxies and planets.

The minimum amount of RAM required for additional features is: 537,920 bytes of free base RAM, 4,874,240 bytes of free XMS.


Electronic Entertainment, June 1995

"Renegade's characters come in both sexes and six races, and each individual has varying characteristics such as age and rank, as well as different levels of piloting and gunnery skill. You can get a sense of your comrades' personalities by looking over their personal entries in the pilot dossier and talking with them. But unlike other space-opera flight sims, the group of nine pilots at your outpost are randomly selected from a bank of 19 candidates. You then guide them on three separate mission paths and 70 missions randomly generated by the game from the 200-plus available. The upshot? You get a unique game every time you play.

"The smooth-running, fast-paced flight-sim sections play out in colorful high- resolutions graphics, while hand-drawn animations enliven the conversation in the cut scenes. In addition, several beautiful cinematics advance the action at various points within the game. If you like what you see, the VCR function lets you replay mission films at your leisure.

"You fly most missions as the commander, with your choice of eight types of ships, eight weapons, and as many as five wingmen. Squad members respond to orders according to their attitude and their level of fatigue and injury.

"...In all, this top-quality space sim offers a fresh alternative to X-Wings and Kilrathi."

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