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ZOOM Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure
Sold Out (DOS Only!) (Jewel Case) (RELENTPJ)

Adeline Software International / Electronic Arts



4 from the Adventure Collective

4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

3 1/2 stars from Multimedia World

Little Big Adventure

Chilling dreams of destruction and doom fill your mind. You feel compelled to warn the world, but in so doing are imprisoned by the tyrannous Dr. Funfrock. Imprisoned because of a dream? You know in your soul that you must escape somehow and discover the meaning behind this mystery.

As Twinsen, prophet and savior, you embark on a surreal and suspenseful journey. You cross continents in your quest to save the world and stop your evil nemesis. At any moment, your enemies may overtake you, stopping you in your pursuit of the legend. Relentless you must be, for only those who remain pure can overcome the peril that awaits.


Beautifully rendered SGI cinematics complement gameplay brilliantly.

Responsive 1-to-1 control over the main character enhances your command.

Easy-to-use interface allows you to control Twinsen's 4 behaviors with ease.

Digitized speech allows characters to voice their thoughts.

Shaded polygon-based characters showcase incredible detail and fluid animation.

Rich, non-linear story line adds to game depth and mystery.

Unique AI keeps you guessing on character reactions.

12 huge levels create over 30 hours of gameplay from the beginning to end.


486-25 MHz or higher, 4 MB RAM, 256-color SVGA, Hard Drive (11 MB Free Space), MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, Single speed CD-ROM drive, VESA Compatible Video Card, SoundBlaster or compatible Sound Card.

Note: This product must be run in DOS Mode or in a pure DOS environment. If you try running it in a DOS window it will normally run for a short time and then crash.


The Adventure Collective by Phillip Jong

"The graphics in Relentless are breathtaking to look at. The details seen despite a huge game world is testimonial to the attention given by the programmers to this game. The CD music is surreal and a joy to listen to! Game control sets an usual twist to the classical way of character manipulation. It is one of the few adventure games that has combined successfully this large degree of action sequence. The graphic engine even allows the player to track Twinsen's movement through otherwise visually obscured areas by making the walls or any obstructing object partially invisible. There are plenty of puzzles, enough even to wet the appetite of most expert gamers. It easily offers over 30 hours of solid gameplay. It is somewhat humorous to see how different Twinsen can react to the exact same scene in different movement modes. Twinsen's girlfriend is also quite funny."

"A beautifully animated adventure game that mixes a heavy dose of physical action with puzzles while packing quite a punch in gameplay. It puts a refreshing spin to the genre of adventure gaming."

Multimedia World, March 1995

"Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure, the latest adventure game from Electronic Arts, is a complicated and sometimes mind-boggling fantasy that takes place on Twinsun, a distant planet orbiting around two stars. The game centers on Twinsen, a prophetic Chosen One whose task is to deliver his people from the powers of darkness, personified by Dr. Funfrock."

"Although the plot is strictly cliche, Relentless is a solid adventure with some role-playing elements thrown in. It also features a host of dazzling animated and cinematic sequences. In fact, Relentless is one of the most visually stunning games on CD-ROM."

"Relentless is not entirely intuitive, so you might die more deaths than you'll care to remember. But if you stick with it, you'll be rewarded with hours of intriguing play and enough jaw-dropping graphics to please even the most jaded gamer."

Electronic Entertainment, January 1995

"This action/adventure game features outstanding graphics, great puzzles, plenty of fights, a seriously awesome quest, and - best of all - true originality. Relentless is an amazingly enjoyable experience. It's chock full of action, discovery, and exploration."

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