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A from  Just Adventure

The Battleground Between Ultimate Good and Evil

Forged in the Beginning and protected by the Seven Seals, there lies a place where thought and creation intertwine. The center for all realms of existence, it is the balancing force between good and evil, man and spirit. A focal point for all energies, and the one element that has kept the consuming nature of darkness at bay...until now.

One by one, the Seals of protection have been broken. Step by step, Darkness prepares for its final assault. And as the apocalypse draws near, only one force can stop the shadow of evil from eternal reign: you.


Frighteningly detailed 3D environment with interactive objects and predatory demons

User-defined controls allow customization of adventure and combat levels

Digital video, complex plot branching and a highly sophisticated character interaction system

Hi-Res 640 x 480 full-screen SVGA mode

Over 600 interactive elements incuding more than 155 inventory items - maps, weapons, and magical objects

Room upon room of quests, puzzles, battles and challenges


DOS based with Windows 95 support: IBM and 100% compatibles running MS-DOS 5.0 or greater, or Windows 95, 486DX2/66 (Pentium 90 or faster recommended), 8MB RAM minimum (16MB for Windows 95), 15 MB hard disk space (103MB recommended), double speed CD-ROM or faster, Soundblaster or 100% compatible sound cards, 1 Meg VGA/SVGA (VESA 1.2 compliant card needed for high res), 100% Microsoft compatible mouse.


A Short History

The tale begins in deepest Cornwall, where the main character, Adam Randall, arrives for his father's funeral. His father's death, happening under the most suspicious circumstances, sparks a series of nightmarish visions, all revolving around a house, of which Adam has little recollection. Haunted by these images, he eventually tracks down the house, discovering it to be the erstwhile home of a powerful French sorcerer whose experiments unleashed hoard of demons. The evil controlling them has taken Adam's father--body and soul--and is now residing in the building, waiting for future victims. Within this house is located the soulstone.

What we believe to be Angels and Demons are really projections of the minds of mortals, the Soulstone providing the catalyst to give them form within the world. Yes, God and Satan do exist but only as 'powers' of the Universe; God the ultimate Power of all that is good and alternately Satan as the ultimate Antonym. The Soulstone is an integral part of the make up of the Cosmos. It is the balance that keeps all things equal though some speculate as to whether it was created or simply came into being. Are then God, Satan and the Soulstone part of a greater galactic and spiritual whole? Maybe, but for game conventions no one knows the truth of it.

There is a grand Skein woven about the fabric of time and space which is centered around the Soulstone. As mentioned, the Soulstone is the great Universal fail-safe; too much evil for Man's own good and the override steps in with the intervention of the Watchers.

It is prophesied in many of Man's religions that one will come in Man's greatest hour of need and save the Righteous from the fate of Evil; Satan in our case. As we start the game we find that the two Watchers - the antonyms and extremes of all of Man's thoughts given form through the Soulstone - are abroad in the land. But they are come too soon due to Florentine removing the Shrive from the Soulstone and so the fail-safe is kicked into gear. The 'Shrive', is the key to the Soulstone and the device that can lock up the evils of the world into a lesser form for another thousand years. Remember, due to the laws of the Cosmos, evil cannot exist without the other; a fine balance must be employed so here we come full circle back to Florentine. He is the reason why events have come to a head; he and the others of the world who are messing with things that they know very little about.


Computer Gaming World, April 1997

"Action/adventure hybrids are catching on, but few games have perfected the mix. Most attempts slump heavily onto one of the two sides. Gremlin Interactive's Realms of the Haunting, however, manages to balance first person 3D action with a compelling horror story and scavenger hunt-type puzzles. Adam Randall travels to a remote Cornish village to discover what happened to his father, gather clues, and battle with demons. Players may toggle difficulty on both action and adventure elements. While not as slick as the current crop of 3D shooters, action fans looking for some brain activity (or adventurers seeking a little adrenaline) won't be disapponted."

Just Adventure by Ray Ivey

"The opening of the game is exceptionally creepy, and I recommend playing it late at night, with all the lights off. You're exploring a house you know damn well is haunted, and all you have is a flashlight. It's pretty hair-raising, even before the first specter shows up to try to kill you."

"I thought at first there would simply be a large house to explore, but was I ever wrong! The house is just the tip of the iceberg. Before the game is over, you've pretty much gone to hell and back, and it is quite a trip."

"Told in twenty chapters, this is one of the most generous games I've ever played. It's also compulsively playable, and I spend several very long nights unable to tear myself away from the terror. This is not a game to start during a week in which you have lots of important real-life things to accomplish. You're likely to leave the kid unpicked up at school, the soup burning on the stove, and the cat unfed."

"I'm trying so hard to come up with something negative to say about this game to balance out all this praise. The inventory system is just a tad involved, requiring several clicks to accomplish relatively simple goals. Plus, this is very definitely an action/adventure. If you hate combat, this is not the game for you."

Quandary Review by Steve Metzler

"I suppose if you had to pigeon-hole ROTH, it would fit most neatly into the horror/action genre. However, this game features some very strong adventure elements not to mention an incredible story that just sucks you right in and then runs like a frightened rabbit until the last of its 20 chapters leaves you shaking, exhausted... and triumphant."

"ROTH is definitely a game for those who like a lot of action mixed in with their adventuring, though you can mitigate the effects of combat by playing with the difficulty set to 'Easy'. It's big, it's scary (by far the most frightening game I've ever played), and it's got a fantastic story line with the obligatory twist in the ending.

"Of course, this being at heart a DOS game, those of you running Windows XP might think you were out of luck seeing as it definitely won't run out-of-the-box on this operating system. However, there's now a wonderful free utility out there called VDMSound that captures all interactions with the DOS sound hardware, and re-routes them to your Windows XP devices. I had ROTH up and running in 5 minutes with no tweaking required. Just search for "vdmsound" in your favourite search engine."

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