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ZOOM Realms of Arkania:
Star Trail
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (REALMSARPR)

See Realms of Arkania Trilogy


Games - role-playing


PC Gamer 1994 Award - Best Role-Playing Game

A Fantasy Role-Playing Simulation

Star Trail is the second in the internationally recognized Realms of Arkania series. Featuring a 3D graphics engine, Star Trail advances the internationally award- winning Realms of Arkania series to the next level. Spectacular graphics will guarantee everything in Arkania is just a little too real or close for comfort.

Features include a new automated combat system, better dialogue system, revamped and graphically detailed automap, print option for character and diary information, fully animated, isometric 3D combat, animated monsters, 2 difficulty levels now accessible at any time, incredibly distinct characters with positive and negative character attributes, hundreds of new weapons, magical items and armor. Star Trail's gripping musical score, digitized speech and intense storyline will leave you trembling in your dungeon. And, of course, that's only the beginning.

Too Tempting to Resist?

In a world of irresistible temptations, your opportunities seem endless: The mystical Salamander Gem or the legendary Star Trail... wealth or glory... fame or power...

In a world rife with peril, your destiny seems uncertain: An ancient feud fueled by a millennia of hatred... the bloodthirsty Orcs, an ever present danger... or does the sinister evil that lurks in that which is unknown pose an even greater threat...

Choose wisely. The Fate of Arkania is in your hands.

Life the Experience...

  • Smooth-scrolling 3D movement in outdoor & dungeon environments.
  • CD-ROM brings you the ultimate in stunning cinematics and incredible digital speech.
  • Fully animated, phased time, isometric 3D combat.
  • Sophisticated, fully detailed graphical automap with zoom capability.
  • Enhanced, easy-to-use, "keyword" dialogue system.
  • Improved automated computer fighting system.
  • More than 50 fully animated monsters.
  • Over 350 weapons, magical items & armor.
  • Improved traveling system.
  • Switch between two difficulty levels anytime during play.
  • Twelve character races.
  • Positive & negative character attributes.
  • Over 50 improvable skills.
  • Print option for character & diary information.

Requirements: IBM & 100% compatibles, 4MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, 80386+ (80486/33 recommended), PC/MS-DOS 5.0 or 6.x, 580K free conventional memory, 24MB HD space for minimum install (70MB for full install), 256 color VGA. Sound cards: Ad-Lib/Gold, Sound Blaster/Pro/16 with Wave Blaster/AWE32 and 100% compatibles, Gravis Ultrasound, Thunderboard, Pro Audio Spectrum 8/16, Roland LAPC-1/MT-32/SCC-1, MPU 401 interface General MIDI, Tandy 3-Way, PC speaker.


PC Gamer, March 1995

"As developers struggle to make fantasy roleplaying games more appealing to a wider audience, veteran roleplayers have had fewer and fewer pure roleplaying games to choose from - the kind that feature highly detailed character generation, complex magic systems, and a satisfying combat system.

"That's just what Star Trail: Realms of Arkania delivers, though, and diehard RPG enthusiasts will spend hour after hour exploring the huge game world. And while it's not the most graphically impressive title, it is the most engrossing we've seen in a long, long time. And best of all, it's true to the CRPG spirit that has made this genre so successful. One word of warning, however: The complexity that makes Realms of Arkania so appealing to veterans may be off-putting to newcomers. But Realms of Arkania has so much to offer that you can at least face that steep learning curve with the knowledge that you'll be rewarded with a game you'll be playing - and enjoying - long after you purchase it."

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