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ZOOM Rayman
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Retail) (RAYMANPR)

Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment / Softkey

Game: Arcade

Multilingual: English, French or German


4 stars from PC Entertainment

4 stars from Computer Games - Editor's Choice

83% from PC Gamer

The most twisted state of mind you can obtain without a prescription

Enter the challenging, mind-altering world of Rayman and, suddenly, reality sees far too tame. Free your mind as Rayman takes you on an arduous adventure through a complex realm of psychadelic landscapes, absurd characters, formidable opponents, and unchartered levels of dementia. You'll experience a heightened sense of visual awaremenss. You'll hear strange and beautiful sounds. Endless legions of bizarre creatures will be out to get you. One trip into Rayman's kaleidoscopic domain...and you'll be addicted.

Incredibly intense visuals

Includes 70 levels in six intriguing worlds

Over 50 demented characters who learn your playing style so they can beat you

Challenging, mind-expanding platform game

Exhilarating CD-quality sound effects and music

Menacing opponents learn your playing style to defeat you

Requirements: IBM PC or 100% compatible computer, 486 33 Mhz, 4MB RAM, Windows 3.1, double speed CD-ROM or faster, DOS version 5.0 or better, 8 BIT sound card, 256 color VGA or SVGA, keyboard or joypad. Runs even better with: Pentium computers, 8MB RAM, Windows 95, Sound Blaster 16 and compatible.


PC Entertainment, April 1996

"Tired of the blood and mayhem in most action titles? Ubi Soft offers the perfect solution in the playful world of Rayman, an addictive new PC version of the company's popular Amiga side-scrolling platform game."

"Graphicswise, the game shines. Sharp, colorful enemies and enviroments make Rayman's 2-D scenes incredibly involving - at times, almost hallucinatory. Rayman doesn't just look like a cartoon, if feels like one. Turn up the clever sound effects and the strangley soothing soundtrack, and you're part of an animation extravaganza."

"If you appreciate fun, imaginative titles with great game play, you'll thoroughly enjoy Rayman."

CD-ROM Today, May 1996

"Rayman, the latest console game to reappear as a PC CD-ROM, delivers the same goods on disc as it does on the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Trouble is, that's all it does.

"Rayman's plot is similar to hundreds of other console games. You control a cute character who moves from left to right to defeat a series of evil bosses. Although its premise is not terribly original, Rayman has fine production values and solid game play. The graphics are gorgeous, with fantastic color combinations and smooth animation."

Computer Games Strategy Plus, May 1996

"The trend toward turning the PC into a $300 console continues with Ubi Soft's Rayman which like Activision's Earthworm Jim, is a rousing success due not to its novelty or originality (after all, it is just another side-scrolling run and jump game) but to its superb level and character design. Rayman is flat-out gorgeous, with colorful graphics that manage to be both cute and clever without inducing nausea.

"What makes the game stand-out, aside from its superb visual details, is its near-flawless exectuion - a trait that is all to easy to dismiss and a design that avoids excessive linearity. This is one that should not be missed by fans of the genre."

Computer Shopper, September 1996

"On any given day, a gamer might do battle with the dark forces of the Underworld, wipe out alien invaders threatening Los Angeles, or destroy MiGs over Libya at Mach 1. It's enough to keep anyone in a permanent blue funk. Now along comes a colorful bug of a guy who shuffles to bouncy music, leaps from flower to toadstool, and generally is interested in maintining harmony and balance in his little world. It's enough to make any jaded blood-and-gore gamer cring, but don't let appearances fool you - Ubi Soft Entertainment's Rayman is a lush arcade game that pulls you into a fascinating cartoon world and won't let go."

"The graphics in Rayman are the real treat. The game puts you in a rich cartoon world, populated with unique enemies and enhanced by a great musical score. Even though Rayman is a 2-D, side-scrolling game, the artfully rendered cartoon characters and backgrounds come to life with excellent shading, smooth animation, and personality.

"Unfortunately, levels can be saved only at certain points, but the marvelously detailed graphics, combined with hidden surprises, make replay more a pleasure than a pain.

"'Addictive' is an overused word when it comes to PC games, but just try to quit Rayman after only a few attempts. Rayman may not push everyone's hot button, but one thing's for sure - it's not just for kids. In fact, it may convince everyone that a game without gore can be just as much fun. Really."

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