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ZOOM The Raven Project
$8.95 (DOS / Win 95) (In Manual) (RAVENPO)

Mindscape, Inc.


Suitable for all audiences

It's Earth year 2278, and you've been commandeered by Earth's Rebel Forces as humanity's last and best hope. Earth is on the brink of annihilation by the Armids, an alien race of conquerors, who've long eyed the planet's rare and rich resources. A once powerful society, the humanoid Armids are in a state of decline. Their ruling aristocracy has succumbed to decadence and corruption, led by a pitiless leader bent on conquest.

In a savage strike, the Armids have launched an offensive against Earth. Superior Armid firepower and massive incursions have left Earth reeling, looking to the Armed Forces to drum up a counteroffensive strong enough to stave off the encroaching aliens, but the Armids have a secret weapon, Gordon Dark, head of Dark Corporation, the Earth's leading manufacturer of large-scale weaponry, is a powerful Armid ally, willing to divert crucial arms from the flagging Earth forces into the hands of the alien invaders.

Dark's masterpiece, the Raven, is key to Earth's control. A massive, space-based weapons platform, the Raven houses dozens of troops and fighters, functioning as a strike base or a nearly impenetrable mobile compound. Fitted with a state-of-the-art research lab and medical facility, this flying fortress is the quintessential military stronghold.

In a last desperate maneuver, Earth's Rebel Forces plot to take the Raven and engage the Armid deployments in a final battle for control of Earth. Your orders are to carry out specific missions in a series of land and space campaigns planned by the Rebel High Command, using a variety of surviving fighters and warrior mechs. You'll have to fight well, and you'll have to fight hard, because after you, there's no one else...

Requirements: 486 DX2 66 or higher, 8 MB RAM, 520 K free conventional, and 6350 free XMS (high) memory, 2X CD ROM drive, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, DOS (or Windows 95 running in DOS mode) Sound Blaster or 100% compatible, Gravis Ultrasound in native mode, Minimum 1 MB free hard drive space, Gravis Phoenix, Firebird, and other joysticks supported, VGA video card and monitor.

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