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ZOOM The Little Rascals
$14.95 (Windows) (Jewel Case) (RASCALSPJ)

Sound Source Interactive


Ages: 4 and up


4 stars from CD-ROM Today

A leveled clubhouse...A missing go-cart...A pair of pesky bullies.

It isn't easy being a Little's fun!

Based on the new film, The Little Rascals Interactive MovieBook is a thoroughly engaging multimedia experience for children four and up. Developing reading and computer skills has never been so much fun.

It all happens at the Rascals' secret clubhouse. Inside, children will discover a storybook with over 50 pages of text, video footage, photos, animation, 3-D sound and puzzles. An optional narrator reads the text aloud as it highlights the words and activates multimedia events.

Separate from the book, are fun and challenging activities for the creative and curious. Silly faces, secret pictures, coloring books and funky go-carts are all part of the Little Rascals' big imagination.


Windows: 386/33 running Windows 3.1 or later; 4MB RAM (8MB recommended); CD-ROM drive (double speed); 256-color monitor; sound card.


HomePC, June 1996

"In addition to reading along with the story, children can enter the Little Rascals' clubhouse to find a coloring book with images they can fill in and print; a 'distorto' computer that lets them mix and match parts of faces to create new, silly expressions; a magnet board on which they can build a go-cart; and a booklet of puzzles that reveal hidden objects."

"...but, by and large, their feelings about the PC versions of the films depended on their familiarity with the characters."

CD-ROM Today, December 1995

"It's no surprise that interactive storybooks based on popular children's movies attract attention - kids enjoy spending time with their favorite movie characters. Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home and The Little Rascals are multimedia-rich electronic books based on Hollywood movies.They succeed as early learning titles because they combine familiar movie sights, sounds, and personalities with skill-building activities that motivate reading by capturing a child's imagination."

"Free Willy 2 and The Little Rascals also feature several other games, puzzles, and fun activities. For example, The Litte Rascals invites children to print black-line drawings that they can color in later. Kids get to build a custom 'Blur' racing car assembled from a wide collection of car bodies, tires, steering wheels, doors, and horns. There's also a treasure hunt in which kids search for objects hidden in black-line drawings. Free Willy 2 takes children through a maze, an undersea world of treasures and trash, and Clamshell Castle, where they play a game of Concentration.

"Free Willy 2 and the Little Rascals cannot compete with the Broderbund/Random House 'Living Book' series. Moviebook pages don't have as many amusing animations or wacky sound effects. Nevertheless, these well-crafted storybooks are packed with content, delivering educational value and gaming fun."

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