Quest for Glory Collection Quest for Glory Collection
Sold Out (DOS / Win) (Jewel Case) (QUESTGLCPJ)

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Includes All 4 Hit Titles. Fulfill a Hero's Destiny...

Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero

Massacre monsters, battle brigands, and rescue royalty as a recent graduate of the Famous Adventures' Correspondence School. Venture forth into a world of dark magic to become a real Hero.

Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire

Far across a blazing desert, fight a sinister magician for the fate of two cities, combating poisonous evil with might and magic.

Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

Disaster looms over the land of Tarna. Journey through compelling scenes of wonder, danger, and excitement to your ultimate battle with unspeakable evil.

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

Free the mythical kingdom of Mordavia from the malevolent power of the Dark One. Triumph over wraiths, vampires, and grotesque monsters, or lose your soul in defeat.

Requirements: MS-DOS 5.0+ or Windows 3.1+, 386 25 MHz or faster, 4 MB RAM, Hard Drive, Mouse, VGA. MS DOS Supports: Sound Blaster, Pro Audio & 100% Compatibles, MT-32, General MIDI. Windows Supports: MPC Compatibles, Sound Card.

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