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ZOOM Quest for Glory Collection 2
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (QUESTGC2PR)


Game / Action-Adventure

ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults - Animated violence and blood

Four Quests of Historic Proportions

Make the journey of a lifetime as a warrior, mage or thief. Each adventure is its own unique quest - finish one, and take your character into the next with powers and weapons intact. Begin your journey to become a hero in Quest For Glory I and continue the adventures you were destined to conquer.

Award-winning game designers Corey and Lori Cole combine their talents and love of fantasy into a series of action/adventure role-playing games that have become some of the best-loved and best-selling games in Sierra's history. Learn the secrets to become a true hero in the first adventure, then carry your hard-earned skills with you as you continue through the thrilling series.

Quest For Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero

Encounter creatures beyond imagination; experience trials that boggle the mind as a recent graduate of the Famous Adventurers Correspondence School. Venture forth into a world of dark magic to become a real hero.

  • Animated combat sequences and spell-casting
  • Special combat and magic systems enable you to interact with the game enviroment
  • Quick commands get you into the action
  • Immersive graphics and an engaging soundtrack

Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire

Beware the evil of Rasier, once the mirror image of peaceful Shapier, now a dark reflection ruled by evil. It's a race against time, and you must face every danger in an attempt to eradicate the dark shadow before it consumes the land.

  • Import your original hero to a new world, or start fresh with a new character
  • Battle unknown creatures with an advanced combat system
  • Experience a different game each time you play, with different goals and outcomes for each character class
  • Numerious challenging problems to solve, many with multiple solutions

Quest For Glory III: Wages of War

Disaster threatens the land of Tarna (a hero's work is never done) and only you can effect peace through a balance of loyalty, friendship, bravery and honor. It's the darkest, most deadly quest to date - and you'll need all your skills to succeed. Are you ready?

  • Start fresh or import your hero from QFC I or II
  • Multiple solutions depend on your character's abilities
  • Beautiful, hand-painted art brings a fantastic world to live
  • Choose your character type and modify his skills and talents

Quest For Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

Can you save Mordavia from the powerful magic that holds it captive? You must once again assume the role of fighter, mage or thief in your quest to free this fantasy kingdom from the nalevolent power of the Dark One. Triumph over wraiths, vampires and grotesque monsters - or die trying.

  • Create your own character from over 15 different attributes, knowing each decision affects the game's outcome
  • Unravel three times as many puzzles as found in most other adventure games
  • Import your favorite character from any previous QFC game
  • Starring the voice of John Rhys-Davies

Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire (Demo and Soundtrack)

Be the first to see Lore Cole's latest masterpiece. Explore all-new 3-D panoramic worlds of intrigue, danger and beauty. Prepare to meet companions or opponents on the Internet ast he final battle for glory begins.

  • Don't miss this special first look at the highly anticipated release
  • Co-designed by QFG originator Lori Cole
  • Internet-ready for competitive or cooperative play, up to three players
  • Gorgeous 3-D panoramic worlds to explore and conquer
  • Soundtrack created by Emmy award-winning composer, Chance Thomas

Requirements: MS-DOS 5.0+, Windows 3.1+ CD-ROM - 386/25 MHz or faster, 8MB RAM, hard drive, mouse, VGA, 2x CD-ROM, supports 100% Windows compatible sound cards or SoundBlaster and 100% compatibles, Pro Audio, MT-32.

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