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Pro Pool 3D

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8 Virtual 3D Pool Games

Welcome to Brunswick Billiards Pro Pool 3D. Pro Pool is the first Pool game ever developed that allows you to create your own virtual 3D environment, design your own table, choose different cues, create your own background music soundtrack and then take on the championship challenge.

Choose from 8 different games of pool

  • Straight
  • 8Ball
  • Snooker
  • Trick
  • 9 Ball
  • Billiards
  • 3 Ball
  • Cutthroat

Select atmosphere

Is it a smoky pool hall with a bunch of tables and talking or just a friendly quiet home game setting? Do you have great light or do you have to play in the shadows? You can select from a dive bar, an upscale billiards hall, a home game room, or a tournament setting. The choice is yours.

Custom design the table

Create an unlimited number of tables. Choose your table style, cloth, pocket style, wood lacquer, oak, etc.

Select type of cue

Choose from 6 unique cues to get different english, create tricks, masse' and jumps with the cue ball via soft or hard wood variances.

Create your own soundtrack

Utilize a digitally recorded soundtrack and customize it with the jukebox or stereo in each room to maximize your enjoyment.

Purchase "actual" pool table and accessories

After designing your own custom pool table, and playing Pro Pool 3D on it, re-create your table on the order form and press a button. Your order will then be sent off via the internet. An authorized Brunswick dealer will confirm your order, then ship it to your door. Don't forget to visit the Virtual Store to purchase cues, racks, barstools, lights, and other pool accessories.

Win95 Direct X Technology, graphics and sound

Using the latest and greatest technology available the sights and sounds of Pro Pool 3D astound and astonish even the most critical Gamer and Pool Player.

Tournament, Individual or Multiple Play

With one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence programs ever developed for a Pool game, you can enjoy hours and hours of game play alone or you can utilize the multiplayer function with freinds old and new.

Requirements: IBM PC or 100% compatible, Pentium 90 or better, Windows 95, 16MB RAM, 20MB hard disk space, 2x CD ROM drive, SVGA color display adapter, mouse, sound card.

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