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ZOOM Disney's Princess
Fashion Boutique
$14.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (PRINCESSPR)

Publisher: Disney

Children / Girls

Ages: 5 and up


4.8 Kid Appeal from SuperKids

Disney's Princess Fashion Boutique welcomes girls to the magical world of Disney Princesses. You'll create your own personal 3-D model and dress-up in millions of classic Princess gowns. Create a magical collage in "Star of the Story" that you can e-mail to all your friends. Visit "Enchanted Worlds" filled with special places Princesses can explore for hours. With Disney's Princess Fashion Boutique, anyone can be a Princess.

Select Sleeping Beauty, Snow White or Cinderella as your personal Princess guide.

Create a 3-D mode of yourself with My Virtual Model technology - even add your own photo for complete personalization.

Dress up and design over 3,000,000 classic Princess gowns.

Create a magical Princess collage with animation, characters, sound effects, music and text.

E-mail creations to friends and family everywhere.

Explore your Princess' "Enchanted World" for hours of magical fun.

"Imagine Me" Mirror
Choose a classic Disney Princess to be your guide, and create your own, personal 3-D model of yourself.

Enchanted World
Every Disney Princess has a special place with Disney's Princess Fashion Boutique. You can spend hours exploring Snow White's Forest, Sleeping Beauty's Lake and Cinderella's Gardens.

Star of the Story
Create a magical Princess collage with animation, characters, sound effects, music and text. Then e-mail it to family and friends.

Princess Dressing Room
Create millions of Princess fashions and try them all on.


Windows 95/98: Pentium class processor, 166MHz or faster, 32MB RAM, 50MB free hard disk space, 16-bit DirectX compatible color video display, 16-bit DirectX compatible sound card, quad speed CD-ROM drive, Standard AT-101 keyboard and mouse.


SuperKids Software Review

"What young girl doesn't dream of being the princess in her favorite fairy tale? Princesses are beautiful, grown-up, splendidly clad, and they always get their men. Now Disney Interactive offers girls the chance to 'become' their favorite Disney princesses, to virtually step into their clothes and explore their magical worlds."

"Without exception, this program immediately became a favorite of our girl testers. Though similar to others of the 'fashion' and 'makeover' genre -- the princess theme makes it unique, and extremely appealing to young users. Familiar Disney characters add to the attraction, making Princess Fashion Boutique a top choice for young females. 'My daughter plays with it endlessly,' was one of our parent tester's comments, 'she loves to create and print new gowns.'

"The inclusion of three unique Princess Worlds makes this program highly replayable. Each World offers a large variety of creativity options. In addition, according to the product creators, new princess dresses and accessories will periodically be made available on the Disney website for the user to download."

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