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ZOOM Prince of Persia 3D
$9.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (PRINCEP3PR)

Publisher: Redorb Entertainment

Game: Arcade

ESRB Rating: Teen (13+) -
Animated violence, blood and gore


B+ from Just Adventure

from Four Fat Chicks

It's Good to Be the Prince

Hearken back to a time of unbridled passion, harrowing adventure and blood-pumping action. A mystical place where a once humble servant has transformed himself into a 12th century Persian prince. Now faced with his most challenging adventure, the Prince must embark on a perilous journey to rescue his bride and avenge the death of the Sultan.

Remaining true to the original series, Prince of Persia 3D seamlessly combines the fast paced combat of a fighting game with the depth and challenge of a timeless adventure. Its stunning animation and advanced 3D technology return the Prince to his rightful place amongst the legendary characters of gaming history.

Be brave. Be strong. Be smart. Be the Prince.


  • Game design and storyline developed in conjunction with legendary series creator Jordan Mechner
  • A dozen challenging levels spanning 7 exotic Persian environments
  • Over 30 distinct types of enemies stand in your path
  • Combat AI adjusts in real-time to test your sword fighting prowess
  • Magic potions and arrows allow you to harness mystical powers
  • Hundreds of gut wrenching traps lurk around every corner

Enter a World of Beauty, Fantasy and Danger

What begins as a peaceful, moonlit night ends in a bloody nightmare. The Sultan's bodyguards fall at the blade of an enchanting dancer. Your bride, the Princess, is taken hostage and condemned to marry her cousin, the hideous Rugnor. And your quest to save her begins in a dark prison, armed only with your wits and the clothes on your back.

Between you and your beloved stands a host of bloodthirsty enemies - but your weapons will only take you so far. You will need a keen mind to unravel the countless traps and devious enchantments that await you. The slightest hesitation or errant step will have you gasping your last breath.

So sharpen your sword, ready your bow, and embark on a journey that will forever transform you into the Prince of Persia.


Windows 95/98: 233Mhz Pentium with MMX or faster, 64MB RAM, minimum 300MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster, 640x480 display, 16 bit color, DirectX 6.0 or higher, 100% DirectX compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator with 8MB RAM, 100% DirectX compatible sound card, QuickTime 4.0 or higher.

Recommended: 300Mhz Pentium II or faster, 800x600 display, 3D sound card.


Just Adventure by Randy Sluganski

"In 1989, Jordan Mechner released what was probably the very first arcade game to provide a detailed storyline--The Prince of Persia. The plot, while not very original, was the stuff that classics are made of: love's labours lost and regained with some healthy bloodshed and decapitations thrown in for good measure (this is, after all, the world of computer gaming). A sequel followed, The Shadow and the Flame, and now ten years have passed and the Prince (also referred to as the artist formerly known as #@^) is back in glorious 3D. Don't let the 3D fool you, though--the motion-capture technology and platform feel of the original are still very strong."

"The puzzles mostly consist of activating secret levers, pushing and pulling crates, unlocking chests, discovering hidden passages and avoiding traps. It is not an adventure game in the traditional sense, but if you have played and enjoyed the previous installments in this series, then you already know what to expect. You will die in this game. You will die more than any other game you have ever played. But that is part of the attraction: figuring out how not to die. Also, kudos to Mindscape for resisting the urge to turn this game into a bloody gorefest..."

"If you are a patient gamer and if you like to proceed in small intervals and not defeat a game in a week or two, then PoP3D is for you. It is an action game for the thinking person. A game where strategy and planning are more important than a quick trigger finger and lightening reflexes. Highly recommended for the adventure gamer looking for a change of pace."

Four Fat Chicks by Old Rooser

"With this latest iteration, we find our hero, the Prince, needing to escape the confines of a dungeon, find and rescue his wife and, if he has time, save the kingdom from evildoers and their henchchicks. This establishes the framework for an adventure that wonderfully combines puzzle-solving, acrobatic jumping, and exciting fighting."

"The fourteen levels present a range of beauty, clarity and complexity—from the dungeon to the rest of the palace, the floating ruins, the dirigible, and the Tibetan cliffs. Motion-capture video enables an impression of moving through an entertaining, cartoon-like film (cf. Aladdin). Indeed, violence and gore (adjustable) are inoffensive, and I can fairly safely recommend this as a "full-family" adventure activity. The intent of the publishers, with Mechner's contribution, was to have a 70% to 30% adventure/fighting balance, and I think they've succeeded fairly well."


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