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ZOOM The Presidents:
A Picture History of Our Nation
$4.95 Formerly: It All Started With George
(DOS) (Jewel Case) (PRESNGPJ)

Publisher: National Geographic Society


Grades: 6 to 12

It All Started With George

Franklin Delano Roosevelt led the nation from the Great Depression through World War II. Meet the 32nd President - and all the others, from George Washington to George Bush. The Presidents brings these legendary figures to life on your computer screen.

Photo Album
An album of pictures - with captions - shows each President's personal side. FDR's parents, childhood, family life, the First Lady, and the physical therapy he underwent after contracting polio - all are included. Captions are full of fascinating trivia: Did you know that a candy bar was named after President Cleveland's daughter?

Who was FDR - and what was his impact on the nation's history? An essay - which can be printed - puts each President in the context of his times and adds a historian's perspective on his Presidency.

Vote Button
Every presidential election - from 1789 through 1988 - is illustrated with maps and memorabilia. You'll find political party definitions, an interactive list of the Presidents who belonged to each party, and photo essays that explain and illustrate the American political system.

See and hear FDR as he broadcasts to the nation in September 1941: World War II is on the horizon. A German U-boat attack has resulted in the loss of lives. FDR - as Commander in Chief - tells the nation that he has ordered the Navy to shoot German submarines on sight. Click the film button - to see, hear, and feel presidential power at important moments in U. S. history. Click the ear button to hear part of another memorable speech.

The term-by-term multimedia timeline highlights social, cultural, political, and world events.

Growth of U.S.
The U.S. changes before your eyes as territories are acquired, states are admitted, and boundaries are redrawn. Dynamic maps add new perspectives.

The game challenges your knowledge of presidential trivia. And when you're stumped, a research function helps you find the answer - anywhere within this multimedia reference tool.


IBM PS/1 or IBM PS/2 computer or 100% compatible with at least 640K RAM, DOS version 3.3 or higher, IBM PS/2 mouse or a mouse that is 100% compatible with a Microsoft mouse, using driver version 7.00 or higher, IBM PS/2 color monitor with MCGA graphics or 100% compatible , IBM PS/2 CD-ROM drive or 100% compatible, using Microsoft extensions version 2.10 or higher, amplified speakers or headphones and an audio adapter are necessary to hear audio, printer (optional).

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