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ZOOM Timescape:
Journey to Pompei
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (POMPEIPR)


Released in Europe as Pompei: The Legend of Vesuvius


Game: Adventure


A- from Just Adventure

The Legend of Vesuvius

Scotland, 1904. Adrian BLAKE has all he could wish for. He is an accomplished sportsman, an explorer and a well-known geologist who shares his life between his loving wife Sophia and his exotic journeys which keep him away from his manor for long months at a time.

Returning from one such adventure, Adrian learns of the disappearance of his wife. Wrought with grief, refusing to accept the dark reality, he immerses himself in the mysterious manuscripts brought back from his expeditions and after hours upon hours of painstaking study discovers an ancient spell of the goddess Ishtar.

If he saves the personification of his wife three times in three different epochs, he will make her reappear!

Three daring rescues, three voyages in time, three ADVENTURES.

Adrian BLAKE accepts the first challenge. No sooner are the last words of the magic scriptures spoken than he is transported to a new time and a new place… POMPEI!

POMPEI, August 20 in the year 79 AD

The city at the foot of Vesuvius only has IV days left until its volcano's devastating eruption…

Adrian, now Hadrian in Latin, must convince Sophia, the personification of his wife, to leave with him, far from the danger which threatens them. He must try to find her in an unknown city. But the city councillor of Pompei is the watchful guardian of public order. He would not hesitate to imprison a too inquisitive stranger if he were to disturb the peace of the city with his revelations. Or if he showed too great an interest in one of the proteges of one of the rich and vain proprietors of Pompei... And he is not going to be convinced by the anxious warnings given to him by Hadrian!

After finding Sophia who does not recognize him, Hadrian must win her over so that she agrees to follow him. A difficult undertaking since, from the shadows, he is spied on by the wicked slave of Octavius Quartio who owns Sophia's house and who has already promised it to one of his freed slaves.

Hadrian and his beloved will encounter many pitfalls before the adventure reaches its climax… Will you know what to do to help them flee the cursed city before the fatal eruption of August 24?

A thrilling countdown, a passionate love story, action and humour… all the ingredients that make Pompei more than just an adventure in time, but a truly interactive masterpiece.

DISTINCTIVE APPROACH. The game is a countdown to the legendary catastrophe known by one and all. The scenario is divided into 4 episodes that represent each of the 4 days preceding the eruption of Vesuvius.

ORIGINAL SCENARIO. A stunning and fateful in-game love story.

INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY. Pompei is completely non-linear. Players are free to move around as they wish within the great city reconstructed in full 3D.

NEW ELEMENTS. Action and humour are new elements in this style of game. With playing time enough to satisfy even the most demanding of players.

A FASCINATING THEME. The site of Pompei is one of the most visited in the world, the tragedy that befell the city almost 2000 years ago is still present in everyone's imagination. The anniversary of the 250 years of excavations and the 2000 Jubilee in Italy this year give it an exceptionally broad exposure.

THE SCIENTIFIC AND ARTISTIC GUARANTEE. The Réunion des Musées Nationaux and Cryo Interactive are experts of the genre. This reconstruction of Pompei, carried out with the participation of the greatest international experts in this field, will be used for scientific research.

AN ULTRA-EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY. Using the CINview technology Pompei has complete 360° rotation in full 3D.


Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP, Pentium 166 (P200 MMX recommended), 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 8x CD-ROM drive (12x recommended), SVGA video card, 16 bit Sound Blaster compatible sound card.


Just Adventure by Tom Houston

"The story advanced at a reasonably quick pace and always kept me anticipating progress through the story, in order to find out what friends or foes or what trials, tribulations, or successes Adrian would experience next. Then there were the little twists in the plot, the unexpected situations that would put a little edge on the proceedings. All in all, a very enjoyable melding of adventure, action, humor, and suspense that made the romp through the "last days of Pompeii" very enjoyable, exciting, and challenging."

"The graphics are vintage Arxel and Cryo, which means that they are magnificent. Using a high-performance 3D technology called CINView technology, Arxel and Cryo provide the player with the ability to utilize a 360-degree rotational look-around, while enjoying every scene. The 3D images of the characters and the backgrounds are excellent and will pull the player into the environment and the circumstances of their surroundings. Somewhat of a magnetic effect...The music is also beautifully composed (mostly symphonic) and never imposes on or detracts from the adventure that is unfolding, but rather, I felt, added to the overall feeling and mood."

"Pompei may not advance the technology beyond that previously found in its most recent predecessors, Egypt, China, and Aztec, but it is every bit as enjoyable to play and most certainly has a compelling story, terrific graphics, and logical, fun puzzles."

Mr. Bill's Game Reviews

"Pompei, the site where the volcano Vesuvius erupted almost 2000 years ago, is one of the most visited in the world, and the tragedy that befell that city is still the subject of much debate and investigation. Being planned for release in conjunction with the 2000 Jubilee in Italy this year and the anniversary of 250 years of excavations of the site, this historically accurate adventure game has been created by Arxel Tribe (the talented creators of "Faust") working in cooperation with Cryo Interactive and The Réunion des Musées Nationaux, and it promises to be an educational adventure par excellence.

" Evidently conceived as the first part of a trilogy, Pompei: The Legend of Vesuvius introduces us to the intriguing story which will be used as the vehicle to develop all 3 adventures. You play Adrian Blake, a rich and well-known explorer and geologist living in Scotland, circa 1904. Returning one day from one of his exotic journeys, he finds that his beloved wife, Sophia, has disappeared! Unable to accept her loss and overcome with grief, he pores over his collection of occult and esoteric manuscripts looking for a way to bring her back. Finally he finds what he is looking for: an ancient spell of the goddess, Ishtar. If he travels in time to 3 different epochs and saves the personification of his wife in each one, he can make her reappear! "

Quandary Reviews by Steve Ramsey (August 2000)

"...The strength of the game is in its historical perspective. It is a game in which you are meant to stop and look, not for the next clue but at the city itself. There is an extraordinary amount of visual detail in all of the scenes, and historical detail is not far away. Very early in the game you will find an amulet, and clicking on the amulet at any time will bring up an "encyclopedic" article about the building you are currently in, or the fresco you are examining, or even the social purpose of the graffiti you are reading. The article will in turn hot-link you to related information, and there are images of the real Pompeii available as well.

"There are also photos and images of the excavated site and its artifacts linked to the information, and an examination of any of the photos will indicate just how truly the game has recreated the city that was Pompeii. Enter a tavern and examine a fresco and then click on the amulet. The information will include a photo of the "real" tavern and the fresco. The detail in the photo is all present in the game – the tavern you are in is clearly the tavern in the photo. The rest of the game environment is the same, from the smallest detail to the layout of the city. You are not just exploring a simulation named Pompeii, you exploring Pompeii itself."

"The historical information is not altogether just a fascinating sideline. Whilst the game could be completed without ever accessing the amulet, more than once the information gave me clues that assisted the tasks at hand, including knowing that a building had two exits or learning the rules of a game of chance."

"The game is on two CDs and installed easily from CD 1. Only the initial narrative and the final eruption are on CD1, so once you have commenced playing, only the second CD is needed. Nor do you need the first CD to get the game going again – the desktop icon will take you straight to the menu from which you can load a saved game, so disc swapping is non-existent. Except of course for the final eruption, which should not be missed."

"Pompeii is a game to be lingered over. It is not a game to be played simply to find Sophia and escape. To get everything out of it, you need to stop and look and - dare I say it - perhaps even learn. An interest in history and this period in particular would be a bonus. As such, it won’t be for everyone, and if you are looking for the next Faust you won’t find it here. However if you hanker to experience a bygone age, and solve a few puzzles whilst you are at it, you will be well rewarded."

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