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Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (PODPR)

Ubi Soft Entertainment



9 out of 10 from Boot Magazine

The Fastest, Hypersonic, Nitro-Burning Race of Your Life

Customize your own turbo-charged machine and prepare to rip through futuristic 3-D environments, subterranean tunnels, abandoned canyons and surreal nuclear landscapes. Link up to eight simultaneous players over the Internet or intranet, just to make things more intense. But be forewarned: miss a hairpin turn, spin out at 180 miles an hour - make one small mistake, and you're vapor. And there's no going back. You've got to get in the race or die.

Driving Cutting Edge Technology to the Outer Limits

The fastest game ever to come to the PC, playable at up to 32 frames a second! (Up to 80 frames using a 3-D graphic accelerator card!)

State-of-the-art technology allows real-time, 3D-generated images to achieve unparalleled acceleration in graphics, video, picture processing and sound.

Superior artificial intelligence allows the other cars to adapt to the player's style, strengths, and weaknesses.

16 tracks (plus new tracks downloadable over the Internet), variable damage control, customizable cars and three levels of difficulty.

On-Line Multi-Player Features and More

Pre-calculated position engineering reduces latency making POD one of the first racing games to be multi-player over the Internet for FREE!

Mix and Match multi-player options with up to eight players (local area network; modem; two computer direct link; direct player connection over the Internet; and two player split screen option).

Revolutionary website includes player matching, chat rooms, ranking lists, downloadable and uploadable ghosts, tracks, cars and more.

Requirements: For best performance use a PC based on an Intel Pentium Processor with MMX technology. POD also runs on Pentium processors, 100MHz or higher. Windows 95, 16 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, 20 MB minimum hard disk space, 16-bit audio. POD works best with a Thrustmaster Grand Prix or Formula T2 wheel.


Boot, May 1997

"Hallied as the first game to take full advantage of MMX, Pod is a high-speed glimpse into the instruction set's game-enhancing powers."

"The Pod virus is destroying the planet and everyone's racing in souped-up hot rods to see who gets to escape (hence the name). With the plot safely out of the way, prepare yourself for whiplash-including mayhem."

"Gameplay in Pod remains hyper-responsive, thanks in large part to the lightning-fast fps. Does MMX make the difference here? Yes. Hovering anywhere between 24fps and 30+ fps on all of the MMX machines we tested, Pod's slippery visuals go toe-to-toe with anything cranked out on a PlayStation. In racing games, frame rate makes it or breaks it, and Pod burns serious rubber."

"Pod's vehicles vary wildly in design and handling. If you don't like how a car feels, go ahead and tweak it."

"With downloadable cars and tracks from UbiSoft's web site, as well as a host of multiplayer options (including LAN, Internet, and split screen), Pod shows the world what a gaming machine the MMX-enhanced PC can be."

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