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Pizza Connection 2

Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/2000/XP) (Retail) (PIZZACONPR)

Publisher: Virgin Interactive / Software 2000


From Pot-Washer to Millionaire

Take 150 grams of business acumen, 1/3 liter of culinary creativity, a pinch of malicious pleasure and good connections to the underworld, and you could be the next Pizza Godfather in Software 2000's Pizza Connection 2.

Like it's predecessor, Pizza Connection 2 puts you in control of building your own empire. Your choice of location, furnishings, staff, toppings, or the way you put your menu together could mean the difference between success and bankruptcy.

You Know the Business...

Your choice of staff or the way you put your menu together could make the difference between success and bankruptcy. The toppings and furnishing styles that you devise must then prove themselves on the market. You can't afford to handle your rivals with kid gloves. Aggressive advertising serves as a legal attack on your rivals in the same way as your excellent choice of location, price policy and quality management. There are statistics to give an overview of your company's progress.

...of the "Honourable Society"?

You can also walk the shady paths of a dubious career or even set up your own criminal organisation. Sabotage your rival's business, simply smash up a branch or even blow it up completely. But don't get caught because the good citizens defend themselves against operations like these by generously subsidiing the police and well trained guards.

Everything under Control

PIZZA CONNECTION 2 simulates the daily life of the inhabitants of entire cities. Every customer is an independent person, with his or her own interests and culinary preferences. You can watch any of these small, hungry people in the cities on their way to work or to their favourite pub.

...Grow with your Tasks!

You can choose a character with the strengths and weaknesses that best fit to you. Depending on how you proceed, this character continues to learn during the game and thus becomes stronger and stronger. Demands are made both on business acumen and criminal tendencies in 10 cities throughout the world. Each city is the location for an individual campaign. The challenges become more demanding with each city.

On your Marks, Bake, Go:

The player slips into the role of the dynamic company founder who builds up a business empire with his bare hands.


  • Simple, quick start to the game
  • Completely new intuitive user interface (two-click menu control)
  • Attractive, atmospheric and realistic graphics
  • 10 campaigns in international cities
  • Up to 7 computer opponents
  • Isometric representation of cities and branch interiors
  • Support from numerous automatic functions
  • Dynamic mission system constantly generates new challenges
  • Speedy public transport through a new underground network
  • Hundreds of individual inhabitants in each city, each with their own opinion and taste
  • Player characters with the ability to learn and changing characteristics, depending on gaming method
  • Constant change and challenges in dynamic, living cities

... for the honest restaurateur:

  • Create your own pizza toppings from more than 80 ingredients
  • Save or load toppings and entire menus
  • Pizza baking competitions for money and glory
  • Design your restaurant interior to your own taste from approx. 100 objects
  • Individual marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Detailed statistics
  • Up to 20 employees per pizzeria
  • Delivery service with messenger
  • Select city locations for branches and warehouses at will

... for the hardened businessman

  • Bribe the police and authorities
  • Manipulate the competition using rats, cockroaches, woodworms, stink bombs and graffiti or by organisising police raids and poaching staff
  • Recruit and train punks, couriers, thugs and gangsters
  • Terrorise rival branches - you can even blow them up
  • Build a headquarters which can be expanded for further game options


Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP: Pentium II 266 MHz (Pentium II 400 recommended), 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended), 600 MB free disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 2 MB graphics card (8 MB graphics card recommended), 16 bit sound card, Direct X.

Copyright © 1993-2001, Inc.